100+ German Baby Girl Names And Their Meanings

By FamilywaveTeam | Jun 06, 2024

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You're in luck if you're searching for the ideal girl's name. Additionally, there are lots of lovely German baby girl names to pick from, many with a long history, significant significance, or famous namesakes. 

They range from the conventional to the unusual to the adorable. Whether you choose a tradtitional German background or prefer something more modern or uncommon, you can be sure to find a name that meets your requirements in our list of well-liked, uncommon, traditional, pretty, strong, or cute German baby girl names.

Top German Baby Girl Names

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Are you searching for a German name for your baby girl?  If it's true, then we have listed the names with their interesting meanings:

1. Emma

The girl's name Emma originated from German which was derived from the name Ermen. It has a meaning of 'Universal' or 'Whole'.

2. Heidi

A Germanic feminine name Heidi means 'Nobility' or 'Honor' and became an internationally popular first name of the Swiss children's book.

3. Lina

The name Lina was one of the most popular given names in Germany in 2011 which is the short form of Karolina, Nikolina, Adelina, and Evelina. It refers to 'Sunlight'.

4. Alice

It is famously used as a feminine name in English and French which is a short form of Old High German name Adelais. Alice means 'Exalted'.

5. Elsa

Elsa was a short form for the biblical name Elisabeth and is famous in Disney's animated film Frozen. It refers to 'Pedged to God'.

6. Hannah

A girl named Hannah means 'Favour' or 'Grace' is spelled Hanna which is of Hebrew origin.

7. Clara

Clara is a female given name which is the form of the Late Latin name Clarus which meant 'Clear' or 'Famous'. It became popular in the 19th century.

8. Elisabeth

A feminine given name is the variation of the Hebrew name Elisheva and meaning 'My God is abundance'. It appears in the Hebrew Bible as the name of Aaron's wife.

9. Anna

Anna is the Latin form of the Greek such as Avva and the Hebrew name Hannah which means 'Grace', 'Beautiful', and 'Favour'.

10. Mia

It is a female name originating from the name Maria and its variants Miriam, Mary, and Maryam which has been popularly associated with Italian and Spanish words. It has a meaning of 'Mine'.

German Baby Names

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Check out some of the most used German baby names to see if they are right for your child. The listed name has amazing definitions, have a look:

11. Ida

A German female named Ida was usually found in Europe and North America which is also popular in Scandinavian countries. It has an ancient Germanic etymology that means 'Prosperous' and 'Industrious'.

12. Johanna

It is a feminine name that is a variant form of Joanna and originated in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. A German name spelled jo'hana refers to 'God is gracious'.

13. Helga

The name is mainly used in German-speaking countries and means the meaning of 'Blessed' or 'Holy'.

14. Gisela

A female given name, meaning 'Pledge' is of Germanic origin and is derived from the Old High German.

15. Elke

Elke describes a Low German and East Frisian which is pronounced 'Elke' in German and translates meaning 'of noble birth'.

16. Eva

It is of Hebrew and Latin origin name which refers to 'Living One' or 'Life' and is the name of the first woman according to the Hebrew Bible.

17. Maria

The name is given in many languages influenced by Christianity. Its origin is the feminine form of the Roman name Marius which is derived from Greek and Hebrew origin. Maria means 'Revolution'.

18. Abelina

A female name of German origin that means 'a Breath' is the form of the name Abel.

19. Adele

A feminine given name refers to 'Nobility' and originated from German.

20. Addie

A German baby name meaning 'Sweet Pleasent'. IAddie is commonly given to both boys and girls.

Dark German Girl Names

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Whether you're looking the German female names or their meanings, you have come to the right place! Scroll down for all kinds of names and their roots:

21. Beata

The name is a female given the name of Portuguese surname that includes numerous cultures such as German, Italian, Swedish, and Polish, meaning 'Blessed.'

22. Karla

The baby's name Karla is a German, Croatian, and Scandinavian female form of Charles. an adorable name refers to 'Bright Eyed'.

23. Frieda

A feminine given name is a short form of compound names including the Germanic element fried meaning 'Peace'.

24. Gunda

A unisex given name also a surname is a baby girl name which is a derivative of the German name meaning 'Female warrior'.

25. Anni

Anni means 'Grace' or ' Gift of God's Favor' which has roots in Hebrew and English.

26. Sofie

A feminine name of Greek origin rooted in the word Sophia, meaning 'Wisdom'. It was adopted from the German, English, and French languages.

27. Regine

It is a German and Late Latin female name meaning 'Queen'. The name also occurs in English, Greek, and Spanish origin.

28. Roswitha

An Old German origin name Roswitha means 'Frame' or 'Strength' which is a variant of the name Roswita.

29. Wiebke

A German female name meaning 'Fighter' includes the German 19th century highlighted personalities such as writers, players, singers, politicians, and directors.

30. Wilhelmina

It was ranked as the top 1000 most popular names for girls in the United States in the 1900s and 1940s which originated from the German, Dutch, and Yiddish forms of Wilhelm or William. Wilhelmina refers to Willing to Protect'.

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The most popular and common German girls' names and where they came from are noted down with lots of regional differences. Meet that gorgeous term in our checklist:

31. Emilia

The name of the woman in Germany Emilia is an Italian given name of Latin origin. It is popular all over the Americas and Europe and means 'Strength'.

32. Marie

The name includes the meaning of 'Star of the Sea' is the origination of the female given name Maria which is of German, Danish, English, and Swedish origin.

33. Lia

Lia is a short form of various names including Amelia, Aurelia, Cecilia, Ailia, and Adalia which means 'Relaxed' or 'Gentle'.

34. Lea

A French, Spanish, and English feminine given name is a short form of Leah means 'Dedicate'.

35. Matilda

Matilda is the English form of the Germanic female name Mahthildis which derives from the Old High German also spelled Mathilda and Mathilde. It has the meaning of 'Strength' or 'Mighty in battle'.

36. Leonie

A Latin origin female given name meaning 'Loneliness' is from the male name Leon.

37. Ida

It is commonly found in Europe and North America and has an ancient Germanic etymology that means 'Prosperous'.

38. Lily

The name derived from the flower became popular along with the other flower names for girls during the 1800s and early 1900s. It symbolizes 'Innocence'.

39. Luisa

Luisa 'Renowned warrior' originated from Italy and Spain which is also the French form of the Frankish name Clovis and the German name Ludwig.

40. Emily

It is of Latin origin and derived from the Roman family name Aemilius and is the feminine form of the name Emil. It has been a hugely popular name in the English-speaking world and meaning 'Rival.

Unique and Rare German Girl Names

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The unique and rare German girl names are recorded for your daughter that inspire you, so for more keep reading the sample:

41. Anneliese

Anneliese meaning 'Grace'  is of German, Nordic, or Dutch origin female name which is a compound form of Anna and Liese and also a short form of Elisabeth.

42. Brunhild

Also regarded as Brunhilda or Brynhild is of Old High German form and has the meaning of 'Armed for Battle'.

43. Elke

A feminine name Elke refers to 'of noble birth' which is of Low German and East Frisian origin. It was popularised by the singer Elkie Brooks.

44. Freyja

The name refers to a goddess associated with love, beauty, and gold. Freyja is the form of a Proto-Germanic feminine name.

45. Freya

An Old Norse girl name meaning 'Lady' derived from the name of the Old Norse word for noble lady Freyja which has been a popular name in recent years in Germany and Scadinavian countries.

46. Hedwig

A German woman's name from the Old High German includes two elements such as battle and fight. 

47. Hildegard

Hildegard originated from the Old High German hild and gard which means 'Battle Enclosure'.

48. Karoline

The name is of German and Scandinavian origin which means 'Womanly'.

49. Lieselotte

It is a German feminine given name and originated from a combination of the names Lise, a form of Elisabeth, and Lotte, a form of Charlotte. The name refers to 'God's Promise'.

50. Thekla

Thekla 'God's fame' is of Greek origin which is also famous in Russian and English language.

Traditional and Old-Fashioned German Girl Names

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The traditional and old-fashioned German girl names are great options to name your baby girl if you are looking for a German theme name. Move forward for fantastic names and their meanings:

51. Agnes

Agnes meaning 'Pure', a female name derived from the Greek and Germanic was the name of a popular Christian saint.

52. Bertha

It is a female Germanic name, that means 'Bright one' and is from Old High German Bertha.

53. Dorothea

The name Dorothea is from the Greek word meaning 'God's gift' which is more commonly spelt Dorothy in the English language.

54. Helga

A female name 'Holy' or 'Blessed' usually used in German-speaking countries and the Low Countries was re-introduced to English-speaking countries nations in 20th century Germany and the Netherlands.

55. Hilda

It is one of numerous female given names derived from the name Hild and meaning 'Secrecy' or 'Battle woman'.

56. Irma

The name meaning 'Entire' or 'Universal' comes from the Old High German name Irmin which also means world.

57. Kate

Kate is a short form of multiple feminine names such as Katherine, Caitlin, Cate, and Catie which originated from Welsh, Irish, Latin, Greek, and French.

58. Liesel

A German girl refers to 'God's promise' name Liesel is of German origin which is a short form of Lieselotte and Elisabeth.

59.  Petra

Petra meaning 'Rock' or 'Unshakeable' is derived from the Greek word which is famously used in German-speaking countries.

60. Ursula

A feminine given name Ursula means 'Little bear' which is of German, English, and Irish origin. 

Pretty and Beautiful German Girl Names

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Every parent loves to name their daughter which has a pretty-sounding name with a lovely meaning. That's why we have the attractive names for you to think about:

61. Frauke

A woman German named Frauke refers to 'Happiness' and is derived from the word Fraucke.

62. Amalia

It originated from the Germanic word amal meaning 'Work' or 'Activity'. Amalia is a variant form of Amalie, Amalka, and Amelie.

63. Cora

The name derived from the Ancient Greek, meaning 'Girl' or 'Daughter' and variant forms of the name Kora and Korra.

64. Carina

It is an Italian feminine given name and is a short form of Carla and Carlotta. Carina means 'Pure' or 'Dear'.

65. Diana

Diana has ranked among the top 200 female names in the United States since the 1930s and 225 in 2021, meaning 'Perfect' or 'Divine'.

66. Evelin

The name Evelin is a form of the biblical name Eva and Avelina which refers to 'Life' and 'Strength'.

67. Felicity

It is of English and Latin origin meaning 'Happiness' and 'Luck'. Helene was the 236th most popular name for girls born in England and Wales in the 2000s.

68. Helene

It is of French and Greek origins, comes from the name Helen, and is also used in many other languages in Hungary and Greece. Similarly, Helene means 'Shining light'.

69. Larissa

A female given name Larissa means 'Citadel' and is of Greek origin. It is famously used in Eastern European nations.

70. Sibyl

Sibyl is of Greek origin which means 'Prophetess' and relates to several names including Cybill, Sibby, Sibilia, and Sybbie.

Cute German Girl Names

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If you are tired of searching for names with lovable denotations, we are here to provide you with these cute German girl names.

71. Anina

The name is of Aramaic origin meaning 'Grace' and also a German diminutive form of Anna.

72. Bettina

The German and Italian languages names Bettina related to other names such as Elizabeth, Tina, and Beth. It has numerous meanings including 'God is my oath'.

73. Bianka

It is a German feminine name also originating from Hungarian, Slovak, and Russian. The name became famous after the names of singers and volleyball players from various countries.

74. Catrin

Catrin means 'Pure' and is of Greek origin.

75. Dita

The name is of Spanish and British origin and refers to 'Prosperous in war' and comes from the Spanish and English roots name Edith. 

76. Erna

A beautiful German girl's name with Old Norse and Old German roots refers to 'Capable' or 'Ernest'.

77. Gabi

Meaning 'God is my strength', both a boy's and girl's name is a short form of Gabrielle which is of Spain and Latin American origin.

78. Ingrid

A sweet and lovely baby girl's name Ingrid is of Scandinavian origin meaning 'Fair' and 'Beautiful'.

79. Oda

Oda is a name of Hebrew and Scandinavian origin, derived from the classic name Odelia, and has the powerful meaning of 'Praise God'.

80. Mina

It is used as an originally German feminine name in some cultures as a masculine as well. The name is of numerous origins including Arabic, Egypt, and others. A baby girl's name for 'Love'.

Strong and Powerful German Girl Names

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The following are some powerful German girl names with their strong meanings or inspirational namesakes. They will match your daughter's strengths.

81. Astrid

A modern form of the the name Astrior is Astrid which derived from the Old Norse Assfrior. The name has a meaning of 'Beautiful' or 'Fair'.

82. Brigitte

A powerful German woman named Brigitte was popularized by the French actress and model Brigitte Bardot. It means 'Strength' or 'Exalted one'.

83. Else

Meaning 'Pledge to God' or 'Noble', Else is the short form of Elisabeth and was the favorite name in the early 1900s and is still used today.

84. Jutte

This strong-sounding German woman's name Jutte refers to 'Jewess' or 'Praise'.

85. Monika

It is a female name in German, Slovak, and Hungarian that can also be seen in Nepal. Monika is a derivation of Monika and maning os 'Advisor'  or 'Unique'.

86. Nora

An adorable feminine personal name Nora mainly originates as a short form of Honora. The Latin word Nora means 'Honor'.

87. Sabine

An Ancient Roman origin name Sabine is popular in continental Europe. A feminine given name is also used in German-speaking countries.

88. Verena

It is one of the strong and unique German girl names which means 'Truth'.

89. Xenia

The word Xenia originated from Greek and has a meaning of 'Foreigner', 'Welcomed guest', or 'Hospitality'. It is a variant form of Kseniia, Ksenija, and Ksenia.

90. Yvonne

Yvonne is the 1900s 7th most popular name, the feminine form of Yvon, and it originated from the French name Yves and Yvette means 'Yew tree'.

Cool German Names for Girls

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In the following list, we have numerous options for your little leader of fashion. Have a look for a German name with a cool meaning:

91. Angelika

It originated from the Latin word Angelicus meaning 'Angelic of the angels'. It is also of German, Russian, and Ukrainian origin.

92. Alexandria

A feminine given name of the Ancient Greek word meaning 'Defender of men' was the 352nd most popular name for girls born in the US.

93. Augusta

It is a German name form of Augustus and has Latin origin which means 'Venerable' or 'Great'.

94. Babette

The distinctive German name also has a French origin which means 'Foreign woman' or 'Stranger'. The name is also a diminutive form of Barbara.

95. Cacilia

This charming Geman girl's name means 'Blind' and is commonly associated with music.

96. Eike

The gender-neutral name Eike refers to 'Brave' or 'Blade'.

97. Gretel

It is a German shortening of the given name Margarete means 'Pearl'. It is also a famous fictional character in the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Hansel and Gretel.

98. Hertha

Hertha is a girl's name that refers to 'Earth', 'Strong', or 'Healthy'. The name is rooted in the German name Nerthus.

99. Dietlinde

The Old High German name meaning 'Soft' or 'Weak' belonged to a sixth-century Bavarian princess who became queen of the Lombards.

100. Saskia

A Germanic feminine given name refers to 'a Saxon woman' which is of North German and Northeast Netherlands origin.

More German Names for Girls

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In our article, we have listed 100 German girl names for your newly born baby girl. Additionally, the following also includes top girl names in Germany:

101. Albina

102. Alena

103. Alexa

104. Alfreda

105. Angela

106. Ariane

107. Camilla

108. Christa

109. Christel

110. Raphaela