50+ Scavenger Hunt Clues, Riddles & Answers for Kids

By FamilywaveTeam | Jun 06, 2024

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Scavenger hunt clues and riddles are cleverly crafted hints or puzzles designed to guide participants on a quest to discover hidden items, solve challenges, or uncover a treasure.

These clues and riddles add an element of mystery, excitement, and intellectual engagement. Scavenger hunt clues and riddles for kids provide an excellent and interactive way to capture their attention and keep them entertained right at home.

Engaging kids in these types of games allows them to exercise their creativity and problem-solving skills. Along with this, it also provides a dynamic and enjoyable way for them to learn, think, and have fun all at once.

So, here we've got your back if you're new to organizing scavenger hunts. Below we've put together a list of 50+ fantastic hunt clues to assist you.

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List Of Clues For The Scavenger Hunt

Firstly, by tailoring the clues to the interests and abilities of the kids, you'll create a scavenger hunt that is enjoyable, educational, and memorable for them.

Creating a list of clues for a scavenger hunt for kids involves a few kid-friendly steps and they are:

  • Age Appropriate Clues

    Consider the age and cognitive abilities of the kids who are participating and create the clues as per them.
  • Simplified Language

    Use clear and simple language in your clues that might not confuse the kids.
  • Rhymes and Riddles

    Kids enjoy rhymes and riddles so create clues that incorporate rhyming patterns or simple riddles to add an element of fun.
  • Visual Clues

    For younger kids who can't read well, use pictures, drawings, or symbols as clues instead.
  • Relatable Locations

    Choose locations that are familiar and safe for the children.

Here are some scavenger hunt clues for kids to make their day absolutely amazing
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  • Use Themes

    Make the treasure hunt more fun by using a theme that kids love, like superheroes or animals.
  • Interactive Clues

    Design clues that encourage kids to engage in simple tasks or actions, like clapping, hopping, or touching specific objects.
  • Teamwork Emphasis

    Develop clues that promote teamwork and cooperation among children, motivating them to work together to solve the puzzles and advance as a team.
  • Keep It Short And Include Surprises

    To keep kids engaged, make your clues short and sweet. Consider sprinkling in delightful surprises or rewards to keep their excitement levels soaring.
  • Safety Considerations

    Make sure the treasure hunt is in a safe area and the clues guide kids away from any dangers.

Riddles And Clues For An Indoor Scavenger Hunt Adventure

Indoor scavenger hunt riddles add an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the hunt. These riddles provide clues that lead participants to the hidden objects or treasures within the indoor setting.

They require creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and teamwork to interpret and uncover the next clue. Additionally, our team has captured some challenging indoor scavenger hunt riddles for adults. They will surely add an extra level of excitement to the game.

Get ready for an exciting indoor treasure hunt where you'll solve riddles.

1. Riddle: I Keep you warm while you're in bed.

Clue: A soft place to rest your head.

Answer: Pillow

2. Riddle: With buttons to press and shows to see

Clue: Find me where you watch TV.

Answer: Remote control

3. Riddle: Give me a tap and I’ll give you some suds.

Clue: I come in handy when you're covered in mud.

Answer: Soap

4. Riddle: My chime can be loud or it can be soft.

Clue: It’s time to get up when I go off.

Answer: Alarm Clock

The picture captures the moment of a red alarm clock ringing adding a sense of urgency and time passing
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5. Riddle: This flat box stores color and sound.

Clue: In the living room, it can be found.

Answer: TV

6. Riddle: I have blades but I’m not a knife.

Clue: Want to cool down? Just bring me to life.

Answer: Fan

7. Riddle: When you're hungry and want a treat.

Clue: I'm where you find something sweet to eat.

Answer: Kitchen

8. Riddle: I'm where clothes hand in a row.

Clue: Find me where you dress and go.

Answer: Closet

9. Riddle: I'm where you sleep when it's night.

Clue: Find me where your dreams take flight.

Answer: Bed

10. Riddle: I'm where you wash up and get clean.

Clue: A spot where the water's heard and seen.

Answer: Bathroom

11. Riddle: I am a space that’s built for a car.

Clue: Inside me is where the lawn tools are.

Answer: Garage

12. Riddle: Is food too cold? I can give it a zap.

Clue: I heat up popcorn and other snacks.

Answer: Microwave

13. Riddle: I am a place where you scrub and clean.

Clue: Where water flows and soap is seen.

Answer: Sink

14. Riddle: I am a box that plays songs and beats.

Clue: Find me where music and rhythm meet.

Answer: Radio

The picture showcases an antique green radio resting on a table accompanied by a hanging lamp
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15. Riddle: I am a space where you play and roam.

Clue: Find me where you call home.

Answer: House

16. Riddle: With numbers and buttons I keep time.

Clue: Find me where clocks chime.

Answer: Clock

17. Riddle: I'm always ready to make a milkshake.

Clue: To put your hand in me would be a mistake.

Answer: Blender

18. Riddle: I have teeth but don't have a mouth.

Clue: Use me to get your hair tangles out.

Answer: Comb

19. Riddle: I’m a paste that doesn’t glue.

Clue: Twice a day my cap you unscrew.

Answer: Toothpaste

20. Riddle: You will find words in me between my pages.

Clue: You will discover the meaning of the words.

Answer: The dictionary

21. Riddle: I need a pick to make a sound.

Clue: I have six ears and a big belly.

Answer: A guitar

The picture displays acoustic guitars arranged on a blanket creating a cozy and musical atmosphere
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22. Riddle: I have eyes, but I cannot see.

Clue: I am friendly with everyone, and children love me.

Answer: Potato

23. Riddle: When you are tired, you use me.

Clue: I have four legs but no feet.

Answer: A chair

24. Riddle: I have a neck but no head.

Clue: I wear a pretty cap instead.

Answer: A bottle

25. Riddle: I have a ring but no finger.

Clue: When I shout, my voice does linger.

Answer: A telephone

26. Riddle: In the middle of the room, I'm the place.

Clue: Where you gather and eat with grace.

Answer: Table

27. Riddle: You use me in your hair to get out the dirt.

Clue: If I get in your eyes it might hurt.

Answer: Shampoo

28. Riddle: One sheet, two sheets, three sheets, four.

Clue: Some people use less and some use more.

Answer: Toilet paper

29. Riddle: You can find me on a hook.

Clue: If you know where exactly to look.

Answer: Keys

The picture portrays keys hanging on a hook attached to a round piece of pine wood, complemented by a small shelf adorned with a plant
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30. Riddle: You use me when you have had too much to eat.

Clue: Don't worry, I'll clean up Just take a sheat.

Answer: Toilet

Riddles For An Exciting Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor scavenger hunt riddles take the fun outside and add an element of exploration to the hunt. These riddles provide clues that lead participants to various outdoor locations where they can find hidden objects or treasures.

Make outdoor scavenger hunt riddles more exciting and engaging by personalizing them to fit the environment and the interests of the participants.

Get ready to embark on an outdoor quest filled with excitement and discovery.

31. Riddle: I'm a tiny home up in the trees, where birds find shelter with ease.

Answer: Nest

32. Riddle: I am a sparkling gem in the night, find me where stars are shining bright.

Answer: Moon

33. Riddle: I am a place of rocks and height, where climbers challenge their might.

Answer: Mountain

The captivating sight of a person standing on wooden planks across snow capped mountains seen from the back
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34. Riddle: I'm a place where games are played, find me where sports and fun are laid.

Answer: Playground

35. Riddle: I am a path of pavement and street, where cars and bikes meet.

Answer: Road

36. Riddle: I am a colorful display of blooms, Find me where spring's scent looms.

Answer: Garden

37. Riddle: I'm a nuzzling insect, colors so bright, find me where flowers take their flight".

Answer: Butterfly

38. Riddle: I get bigger when I eat and weaker when I drink.

Answer: Fire

39. Riddle: I protect you from the cold, rain, and wind, Put me on and become thick-skinned.

Answer: Jacket

40. Riddle: I never ask questions. But I am always answered.

Answer: Doorbell

41. Riddle: Open me in the morning, close me at night, I will keep your secrets out of sight.

Answer: Curtains

The picture features stunning cabana striped silk curtains beautifully adorned with curtain clips on the right side
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42. Riddle: Black and white or red and blue, When the wind blows, I wave to you.

Answer: Flag

43. Riddle: I light up when you want to go, Two eyes I make and shine bright and low.

Answer: Headlights

44. Riddle: I can be flat, thin, or round, I come in many colors, Just pick me up from the ground.

Answer: Rock

45. Riddle: You ride me wherever you want to go, You can go fast or you can go slow. Wheels and pedals I have two, And a cute basket too!

Answer: Bicycle

46. Riddle: I'm round and bright, up in the sky so high. At night I twinkle, like a diamond in the sky.

Answer: Moon

47. Riddle: Bees love me and I love the sun. Find me in a garden, I'm the pretty one.

Answer: Flower

A beautiful yellow flower through a tilt-shift lens creating a unique and artistic perspective
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48. Riddle: I'm a little lady that's spotted and red. You may see me resting in your flowerbed.

Answer: Lady bug

49. Riddle: We hang out in trees, but just for a while. Then fall to the ground to be raked in a pile.

Answer: Leaves

50. Riddle: I'm nuts about nuts, and I love climbing trees. When you see my gray foofy tail, you've found me.

Answer: Squirrel

51. Riddle: Back and forth I take you, Higher and higher you fly.

Answer: Swing

52. Riddle: Round and big, Grey or black, Fill me up, I will take you to places.

Answer: Tire

53. Riddle: I hold your junk and am not neat. You will often find me on the street.

Answer: Trash can

54. Riddle: I'm a fiery ball, bringing warmth and light. Be careful not to stare, I'm strong and oh so bright.

Answer: Sun

55. Riddle: Here I come, and there I go. I take you safely to your place, I have a body but no face.

Answer: Car

A red car driving along a road surrounded by a lush forest
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A Guide To Finding Hidden Treasures

Treasure hunts provide a wonderful opportunity to bond with your kids while having a blast. You can create a memorable experience by setting up clues that leads them to hidden treasures.

It's a fantastic way to create lasting memories and enjoy quality time together. When it comes to finding hidden treasures, there are a few key steps to keep in mind.

1. Choose a Location

Decide on a suitable location for your treasure hunt - it could be indoors or outdoors, like a backyard or a park.

2. Decide on a Theme

Choose the theme that excites the kids, such as pirates, dinosaurs, or fairies. Create a series of clues and riddles that leads them from one location to the next, with each clue bringing them closer to the treasure.

3. Hide the Treasure

Hide the clues and treasures in their designated locations and let the kids follow the clues to find it.

When the kids reach the final location, congratulate the kids on completeing the hunt and celebrate their success. Take some time to discuss their favorite parts of the hunt and the clues they enjoyed solving.

Remember to have a successful treasure hunt, make it fun and immersive, keeping kids engaged and excited throughout.

Essential Supplies Checklist For A Successful Scavenger Hunt

Ensure a successful and memorable scavenger hunt experience with this comprehensive checklist of essential supplies. Here's a list:

  1. Clues and Riddles
  2. Treasures with container
  3. Writing Materials
  4. Tape or String
  5. Scissors
  6. Outdoor Items
  7. Safety Supplies
  8. Prizes or Reward
  9. Bags or baskets
  10. Camera
  11. Timer or Stopwatch
  12. Notepad and Pen
  13. Backup Clues
  14. Trash Bags
  15. Music or Sound Effects
  16. Snacks and drinks
  17. First aid kit

The picture shows a first aid kit placed on a white background ready for emergencies
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Having everything well prepared will help ensure a smooth and successful scavenger hunt experience.

Exciting Ideas For A Fun Indoor/Outdoor Treasure Hunt Adventure

Scavenger hunts are incredibly versatile and perfect for banishing boredom in kids. Whether you're indoors or outdoors, they can be easily adapted to any setting or situation.

The photo captures two children engaged in creating artwork expressing their creativity and imagination
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With countless possibilities, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. But fear not, as we've got you covered with the ultimate planning guide to ensure an unforgettable experience from start to finish.

Embark on an exhilarating treasure hunt adventure, both indoors and outdoors, with these thrilling ideas.


Let's dive in and get ready for an epic treasure hunt.

  • Word Scavenger Hunt
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt
  • Space Adventure
  • Superhero Quest
  • Musical Mystery Hunt
  • Number Hunt
  • Art Scaveger Hunt
  • Color Scavenger Hunt
  • Science Exploration Hunt
  • Five Senses Scavenger Hunt
  • Shape Scavenger Hunt
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt
  • Mandala Scavenger Hunt
  • Zoo Scavenger Hunt and many more.