100+ Bernese Mountain Dog Names With Meanings

By FamilywaveTeam | Jun 06, 2024

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Bernese Mountain Dog is a dog breed hailing from Switzerland. This beautiful and furry canine breed is known for their sturdiness, faithfulness, and equanimity. These precious pets deserve an endearing name that will bring out their personalities.

In this article, we have enlisted over 100 dog names best suited for a Bernese Mountain dog in various categories to make your name hunt easier.

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Some of the most popular monikers for a Bernese Mountain Dog are given below:

1. Bella

Bella is an Italian and Latin origin name. It means "beautiful." Bella is a wonderful name for your charming Bernese mountain dog.

2. Moose

The name Moose originated from the Algonquian languages. It refers to the "largest species in the deer family."

3. Snowy

Snowy means "filled with frozen rain." Snowy resembles a mountain, so, it is perfect for a Bernese mountain dog.

4. Bear

It is a German name which refers to the "strong and brave bear" and has connotations of power and bravery.

5. Lucy

A feminine name of Latin origin, Lucy means "light" and is an ideal name for the light of your life.

6. Murphy

Murphy is a gender-neutral name of Gaelic origin that translates as "sea warrior." This name has associations with strength and power, making it perfect for your cute warrior.

7. Zoe

This Greek name means "life." Its variations can be Zoe, Zoey, Zoie, Zoé, or Zoë.

8. Oliver

Oliver means the beautiful and dignified olive tree. The peaceful and attractive aura of the olive tree perfectly resembles the personality of a Bernese mountain dog.

9. Teddy

It is a French name which means "wealthy protector," "brave people," and "God's gift." It is also a soft toy for cuddling.

10. Lily

Lily is a name that resembles the innocence and beauty of a flower. Your pure and decent furry pet deserves a sweet name like Lily.

11. Louie

Primarily a male name of English origin, Louie means "famous warrior." This name highlights the strength and power of a Bernese mountain dog.

12. Ellie

Mostly used as a short form of Eleanor or Ellen, this English name translates to "bright, shining one."

Male Bernese Mountain Dog Names

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If you are bringing home a male Bernese mountain dog and want some masculine names, then scroll till the end.

13. Rufus

This charming name, Rufus, is a masculine name of Latin origin, meaning "red-haired." Even if your dog doesn't have a red coat, he is still charming.

14. Parker

Originating from the Old English roots, Parker refers to a "park keeper." Parker, a name originally used for professional hunting, is a great name for a pet dog.

15. Charlie

This German name means "free man" and is ideally given to free-spirited pet animals.

16. Hunter

The British name Hunter refers to "one who hunts" or "pursuer." The name conjures images of strength and power and is ideal for a powerful dog like the Bernese mountain dog.

17. Buddy

If you have a dog, then you have a friend for life; name him Buddy!

18. Gunther

A name of German origin, Gunther refers to "battler" or "warrior." This fierce name carries a sense of courage and power and is perfect for large canines.

19. Finn

This name has its roots in mythology and translates as "fair" in the Irish language. Since it has connections to ancient mythology, it is often associated with strength and bravery.

20. Tiger

Tiger is an American name that translates as "powerful cat." The name Tiger brings to mind images of strength and courage and is a suitable name for large dogs.

21. Loki

Loki, which means "airy", is also the name of the Norse god of mischief and is an ideal match for a playful furry pet.

22. Remy

The French origin name Remy is derived from the name Remi, which means "oarsman."

23. Cedar

Cedar represents the "cedar tree," which is a symbol of strength, resiliency, and longevity. A distinctive name for a unique pet.

24. Rocky

A masculine name of English origin, Rocky means "rest."

25. Fred

Fred is a name of English origin and translates as "peaceful ruler." The name signifies strength and calmness and is a suitable name for a male Bernese mountain dog.

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26. Leo

Leo is the Latin word for "lion." A lion is an animal that conjures up strength and power, making it the perfect name for a regal Bernese mountain dog.

27. Tucker

Tucker is said to have derived from the German word Tucher, meaning cloth weaver. Although the name has no relation to dogs, it is still a great name.

28. Toby

This name has both Hebrew and British roots and means "God is good." A sweet name for a faithful friend.

29. Rex

This Latin name translates as "King." An exquisite name for a regal Bernese mountain dog who rules over your heart.

30. Warner

Deriving from different origins, like Old German, Norse, and French, Warner means "army guard." This name is suited to a pet who guards and protects his owners.

31. Simba

A name belonging to the Swahili origin, Simba means "lion" and "strength."

32. Titan

Hailing from Greek mythology, Titan means "defender." This name perfectly matches the protective nature of dogs.

33. Shadow

Your shadow is always there for you, just like your dog!

34. Mac

Primarily a male name, Mac is of Scottish origin and means "son of." If your fluffy canine is your baby, you can call him Mac.

35. Duke

Duke is said to have derived from the Latin word dux, meaning "leader" or "ruler."

36. Koda

Koda is said to be the short version of the name Dakota, meaning "ally," "friend," and "little bear." This exquisite name matches the Bernese mountain dog marvelously.

37. Zephyr

Zephyr means "west wind," the seasonal breeze controlled by the ancient god Zephyrus.

Female Bernese Mountain Dog Names

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A feminine name would be best suited for a female Bernese mountain dog. Here are some of the examples with meanings.

38. Emmy

Emmy, a feminine name of Latin origin, means "universal."

39. Jessie

Hailing from Hebrew roots, Jessie means "he sees" or "the Lord exists." A name made for a faithful and devoted dog.

40. Sasha

This moniker comes from Russian roots, meaning "defender" and "helper of mankind." An exemplary name for a dog who protects and guards its owner.

41. Elena

The Greek-originated name Elena means "shining light." If your furry friend is the light of your life, name her Elena.

42. Ruby

Ruby has its roots in Latin, meaning "precious red stone." This is an exquisite name for your female Bernese mountain dog.

43. Gretel

The German name Gretel means "pearl." A sweet name for a precious pet.

44. Molly

With Irish origins, Molly translates as "star of the sea." This name also has its roots in Hebrew, where it means "wished for a child" or "bitter."

45. Ursa

In Latin, Ursa means "bear." The name is usually given to big and fluffy dogs.

46. Sadie

In Hebrew, Sadie means "princess." Does your dog rule over your house?

47. Akira

The Japanese name Akira translates as "bright," "clear," or "intelligent," making it an ideal moniker for a female Bernese mountain dog.

48. Belle

Belle is a French name, meaning "beautiful," "fair," and "lovely one." An exquisite moniker for a lovely dog.

49. Stella

Originating from both Latin and Italian roots, Stella means "star." Is your pup the star of your life?

50. Onyx

Onyx is said to have derived from the word Onux, which translates to "claw" or "nail." Onyx also refers to a black stone that resembles the fur of a black Bernese mountain dog.

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51. Maggie

A feminine name of Greek origin, Maggie means "pearl." This is a charming name for your precious mountain puppy.

52. Sheba

A name of Hebrew origin, Sheba means "promise." Do you promise to shower unconditional love on your pet?

53. Aurora

The Latin origin name Aurora means "dawn" and conjures up images of the pretty aurora borealis.

54. Nova

Nova is a name of Latin origin, meaning "new," and also refers to the bright "star" in the sky.

55. Millie

Millie is a name of Latin origin, meaning "gentle strength" and "strong in work." This name is perfect for a farm dog.

56. Anna

A feminine name of Hebrew origin, Anna means "grace" or "beautiful."

57. Juno

The Latin name Juno means "queen of heavens."  For graceful female mountain dogs, this name is an ideal match.

58. Layla

Layla comes from Arabic roots, meaning "night" or "dark."

59. Bridget

Arising from the Gaelic roots, Bridget means "power," "strength," and "exalted one." An ideal moniker for a powerful mountain dog.

60. Harmony

Harmony comes from the Greek word Harmonia, and translates as "unity" or "concord." An elegant name for a calm and composed pet companion.

61. Luna

A feminine name of Lain origin, Luna means "moon." The moon is associated with night; hence, this is a great moniker for a black dog.

62. Peach

If you have an adorable and sweet furry ally, name her Peach!

Cute Bernese Mountain Dog Names

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Here are some names that too cute for your adorable little pup.

63. Cookie

Cookie represents a sweet biscuit and is an ideal moniker for fluffy pets like Bernese mountain dogs.

64. Fluffy

A name given to pet companions with soft fur and an affectionate personality.

65. Jello

A fruit-flavored gelatin dessert is a playful name for a sweet furry friend.

66. Milo

Milo means "soldier" and "merciful" and stands as an exemplary name for a loving and affectionate pet.

67. Gigi

This French name means "earth-worker" and is said to have strong associations with nature.

68. Coco

Deriving from the Latin word "cocos," this French name translates as "sugar" or "sweet." This name evokes images of charming and playful pets.

69. Fay

Derived from the Old French word "faie," Fay means "fairy." This name brings to mind images of a mischievous and playful pet companion.

70. Penny

A short version of the Greek name Penelope, Penny means "weaver." The metal currency penny is also said to bring luck.

71. Muffin

Muffin refers to a "soft, small cake." This delicious dessert name is a great match for your furry friend.

72. Archie

This adorable name has its roots in German and translates as "genuinely bold or brave." Archie is a name usually given to large and powerful canines because of its meaning.

73. Lexi

This playful name is of Greek origin, meaning "man's defender." A perfect name for a pet who guards the house.

74. Fluff

A cute name that perfectly represents your large and fluffy Bernese mountain dog.

Unique Bernese Mountain Dog Names

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These distinctive names will make your dog unique and stand out from the crowd.

75. Chester

Derived from the Latin word "castrum", meaning "fortress" or "camp," this unique name is ideal for brave and faithful pet companions.

76. Ona

Primarily a name of Slavic and Hebrew roots, Ona means "God was gracious." The name Ona also has its roots in Irish culture, meaning "full of grace and fire." If you have a strong and graceful pet, name it Ona and watch it stand out in the crowd.

78. Jinx

This Latin name, Jinx, means "spell" or "bound." Has the mountain dog captivated your heart?

79. Callie

Derived from the Greek name Callisto, Callie means "beautiful" or "lovely." What could be better than naming your lovely dog Callie?

80. Bruce

Bruce means "the willowlands" and is derived from Scottish, English, and French origins.

81. Poppy

The feminine name of Latin and Old English origin, poppy, represents a bright flower. Poppy evokes the images of bright colors and innocence that the mountain dog has added to your life.

77. Peak

Peak, a masculine name of English origin, refers to the "pointed tip of a mountain."

82. Wrigley

This unique English-origin name, Wrigley, means "clearing by the river bend."

83. Groot

In Dutch, Groot means "big", and was originally used as a name for a tall person. This is a suitable name for large canines like Bernese mountain dogs.

84. Willow

Willow refers to the "willow tree," which is said to be the tree of life, healing, and rebirth.

85. Iikaika

Hailing from Hawaiian origin, Iikaika means "strong." The name Iikiaika perfectly does justice to the Bernese mountain dog's strong personality.

86. Bonnie

The Scottish name Bonnie means "pretty." A fitting name for a beautiful mountain dog.

Strong Bernese Mountain Dog Names

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If you are looking for names that resemble the strength of a Bernese mountain dog, look no more. We have gathered and listed a few names that represent power and a strong nature in this category.

87. Thor

The mighty name Thor hails from Norse mythology, meaning "thunder."

88. Brutus

A male name of Latin origin, Brutus means "heavy" or "muscular." This name perfectly represents the large size of the canine.

89. Zeus

In Greek mythology, the name Zeus belonged to the "God of the sky and thunder" and translates to "sky" and "shine."

90. Hercules

Derived from two different words, Herakles, meaning "hero" or "warrior," and kleos, meaning "glory," Hercules means "glory of Hera."

91. Ebba

Ebba is a feminine name that has its roots in the German names Eberhard and Everly, meaning "strong" and "brave boar." Call your powerful mountain canine, Ebba!

92. Reina

This Spanish name means "queen," "pure," or "wise," and illustrates the image of great power.

93. Adira

Originating from the Hebrew roots, Adira translates as "strong," "noble," and "powerful." This name perfectly resembles a Bernese mountain dog.

94. Apollo

This name belongs to the Greek deity and translates as "destroyer" or "manly beauty." A perfect name for your handsome and strong fella.

95. Domino

Derived from the Latin word "dominus," Domino means "lord" or "master." This unique name is a perfect match for the little king of yours.

96. Athena

Athena is a feminine name associated with Greek mythology and means "Goddess of wisdom and war."

97. Briana

A feminine name of Irish origin, Briana means "high," "noble," and "exalted."

98. Koa

Koa arises from the Polynesian culture and translates to "brave," "bold," and "fearless." Koa is a suitable name for large canines like mountain dogs.

Nature Inspired Bernese Mountain Dog Names

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Nature is an amazing place to look for inspiration. Here, we have listed a few names inspired by nature that will be a perfect fit for your mountain dog.

99. Brooks

Brooks has roots in both German and English. It refers to a "small stream."

100. Amber

Amber is a name with a variety of meanings. In Arabic, Amber refers to the "jewel," and in Hindi, Amber means "the sky." Your precious and serene Bernese mountain dog ideally fits this name.

101. Forest

If your dog loves nature and woods, Forest is an ideal moniker for them.

102. Autumn

A feminine name of Latin origin, autumn means "fall" or "season of harvest." Autumn reminds us of beauty and change, making it an ideal name for a peaceful female Bernese mountain dog.

103. Twig

A small and thin branch of a tree is a distinctive moniker for your free-spirited canine.

104. Zara

An Arabic name, meaning "radiance" or "blooming flower."

105. River

Deriving from the Old English word "rivere", meaning "flowing body of water," this makes a great name for dogs who love water or swimming.

106. Sky

Stemming from the old Norse word ský, meaning "cloud," Sky is a suitable name for peaceful dogs.

107. Daisy

Daisy is a feminine name, meaning "day's eye." The name Daisy also represents a flower, which is an emblem of purity and innocence.

108. Everest

Everest is the name of the highest mountain, and in British, it translates as "dweller on the Eure River."

109. Maple

The name Maple is derived from the name of a tree famous for its autumn leaf color.

110. Aspen

Aspen is derived from the Old English word "aespe" and refers to the "aspen tree" or "shaking tree."