100+ Siamese Cat Names: Unique Inspiration for Your New Feline Friend

By FamilywaveTeam | Jun 06, 2024

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The Siamese cat originated in Siam, which is modern-day Thailand. The Siamese is recognized for being lively, athletic, outgoing, and exceedingly chatty.

Congratulations on bringing home a new Siamese cat or kitten! Choosing a cat name for your new pet is half of the pleasure, and you'll have lots of alternatives. Whether you want a name that expresses your Siamese cat's heritage, unusual colors, or anything from pop culture, you may find it here.

Top Siamese Cat Names

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Scroll for top Siamese cat names which you'll love most:

1. Leo

The name with various origins such as Latin and Roman means "Lion."

2. Jasmine

Jasmine is a Siamese cat name of Persian origin meaning "Gift from God."

3. Curry

Curry refers to "Hill hollow" and "Descendant of Comhraidhe" in British and Irish descent.

4. Mocha

Mocha is a feminine name of Arabic origin and translates to "Coffee name" or "Color."

5. Prince

Prince means "the son of queen and king" which comes from Latin heritage.

6. Princess

Princess means "Title of the daughter of a queen and king". It is of British culture.

7. Sapphire

This moniker translates to "Blue" in Latin roots.

8. Koko

Koko is the name for a Siamese cat that means "Stork" or "Night" in Japanese descent.

9. Kai

The name for both boys and girls of Welsh origin refers to "Keeper of the keys" or "Earth."

10. Henry

The meaning of the German boy's name Henry is "House ruler." It comes from the old German name where Heim means Home and Ric means Ruler.

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Male Siamese Cat Names

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Do you need names for a male Siamese cat? Explore out of these adventurous male Siamese cat names.

11. George

The meaning of the Greek origin name George is "Farmer" and "Earthworker."

12. Julian

Julian means "Youthful" and "Jove's child" in Greek and Roman culture.

13. Oliver

Oliver is a male name of Latin descent meaning "Olive tree."

14. Percy

The French name Percy refers to "One who pierces the valley."

15. Shiloh

Originating from Hebrew heritage, the gender-neutral name Shiloh is also called "Tranquil", "Abundance", and "Hif gift."

16. Milo

The Germanic ancestry named Milo means "Soldier" and "Merciful."

17. Lawrence

Lawrence is a boy name of Latin descent meaning "From Laurentum."

18. Norris

The masculine given name Norris is of English, French, and Scottish origins. This moniker refers to "Northerner."

19. William

Derived from the Germanic Wilhelm, William means "Resolute protector", "Desire", or "Will."

20. Jamie

Jamie is of Hebrew descent name meaning "He who supplants."

Female Siamese Cat Names

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Consider some of these feminine names with elegance when naming your lady Siamese cat.  

21. Elle

With the meaning "Sun ray". Elle is of Greek and Hebrew descent.

22. Zoe

Zoe is a unisex name of Greek descent meaning "Life."

23. Rosie

Rosie is a girl name of Latin origin that translates to "Rose."

24. Penny

Penny is also known as "Weaver" which comes from the female Greek name Penelope.

25. Hazel

The feminine name of British descent Hazel refers to "the hazel tree."

26. Millie

Originating from the German names Melicent, Millicent, and Mildred, Millie means "Gentle strength" or "Strong in work."

27. Lila

The meaning of the feminine name Lila is "Night", "Beauty", and "Purple" which is of German, Persian, Arabic, and Sanskrit origins.

28. Aurora

Originating from Roman and Latin mythology, Aurora means "Dawn."

29. April

April is a feminine given name of Latin origin and translates to "To open."

30. Regina

The Latin origin name Regina presents a girl Siamese cat meaning "Queen."

Unique Siamese Cat Names

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Following are some unique names for your charming yet fiery Siamese cat.

31. Oberon

The German boy's name of Old German descent refers to "Royal bear."

32. Elysia

With Latin and Greek origins, Elysia means "From the blessed isles."

33. Zephyrine

Zephyrine is a Greek feminine moniker and translates to "West wind."

34. Zara

Zara is an Arabic girl name that is associated with the English name Sarah meaning "Radiance" and "Blooming flower."

35. Soren

With Danish origin, Soren is a male name meaning "Stern", "Strict", and "Severe."

36. Lyra

Originating from Greek legends, Lyra is a girl's name which translates to "Lyre."

37. Nimbus

Nimbus is a gender-neutral name meaning "Dark cloud" of Latin descent.

38. Enigma

The meaning of Enigma in Greek origin is "Puzzle" and "Riddle."

39. Nyx

Derived from Greek mythology, Nyx means "Night".

40. Inari

The name for both girls and boys Inari refers to "Loaded with rice."

Cute Siamese Cat Names

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Choose a cute name that reflects your Siamese cat's fanciful and energetic attitude.

41. Snickers

Snickers is well-known as the chocolate bars includes of nougat, caramel, and peanuts with a chocolate coating.

42. Pudding

Derived from the French boudin and Latin botellus, Pudding means "Small sausage."

43. Peanut

The American origin name Peanut refers to "Ground nut legume" which is for both boys and girls.

44. Cupcake

Derived from English descent, Cupcake means "Sweet and Happy."

45. Marshmallow

The moniker inspired by plant names of Europe, Asia, and North Africa, Marshmallow refers to "Confectionery."

46. Pippin

Pippin is a boy's name of German origin and translates to "Awe-inspiring."

47. Cuddles

Derived from the Scottish word Cuddy, Cuddles means "Donkey."

48. Sprinkless

Sprinkles represent both the given name and surname of North German which primarily refers to "Sprinkle."

49. Biscuit

Biscuit comes from the Old French word bescuit which is derived from the Latin word bis and coctus meaning "Twice cooked." 

50. Muffin

Originating from the Low German Muffen, Muffin means "Small cake."

Funny Siamese Cat Names

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To complement your cat's personality, choose a following listed names:

51. Pebbles

The feminine given name of American descent Pebbles means "Small Rocks."

52. Cricket

Cricket is a gender-neutral name of American ancestry which translates to "Insect."

53. Noodle

The name of English ancestry Noodle refers to "Stupid" and "Simpleton."

54. Whisker

The moniker first found in the UK and the USA translates to "the son of Wisgar" and "Wiscar."

55. Beedle

The name comes from the Middle English bedele which is also of ancient Germanic name meaning "To Command" and "Messenger."

56. Xerox

The moniker originating from the term Xerography is of Greek origin and refers to "Dry writing."

57. Goose

The gender-neutral name of English origin Goose means "Water board with a long neck."

58. Seaweed

The moniker with Japanese and Norse origin refers to "Doctrine."

59. Tiny

Tiny is a feminine name of English and Latin origin meaning "Follower of Christ" and "Very small."

60. Corduroy

The name for both boys and girls Corduroy is of English heritage that means "Wide-Ribbed Fabric" and "A Soft."

Famous Siamese Cat Names

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The following legendary Siamese cats, in particular, continue to hold a special place in our hearts, and perhaps in your cat's as well.

61. Ayesha

The girl's name of Arabic descent Ayesha is from the novel Phantom which means "Alive."

62. Gonzo

Gonzo means "Safe from harm" in Latin origin which comes from The Muppets.

63. Edna

Edna features as Edna Mode in The Incredibles refers to "Renewer" and "Delight" in Irish, Scottish, Hebrew, and Gaelic origins.

64. Sven

The Swedish and Norse origin name comes from Frozen translates to "Youth" and "Boy."

65. Zuko

Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender is also known as "Glory."

66. Pascal

Pascal name appears in Tangled which means "Easter child" in French culture.

67. Blueberry

Blueberry appears in the movie Meet the Parents which is of English origin and means "Gift of God."

68. Matilda

Matilda means "Mighty in battle" from Matilda and of German ancestry.

69. Sagwa

Sagwa is from Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat. This moniker is of Swahili origin and means "God's Warrior."

70. Winkie

 The moniker appears in Harry Potter, Winkie means "Flower" and is of Chinese descent.

Paired Siamese Cat Names

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If you're seeking for names for your freshly adopted Siamese cats, search at this page.

71. Buddy and Holly

Buddy is a masculine name of American origin that means "Friend" and Holly is a girl name of British origin meaning "the holly tree."

72. Calvin and Hobbs

The boy's name Calvin is of French origin meaning "Little bald one" and Hobbs means "Bright fame" in German, Norse, and British descent.

73. Midnight and Twilight

Midnight and Twilight a gender-neutral names whereas Midnight is of American origin meaning 12:00 AM and Twilight is of British origin meaning "Dusk."

74. Harry and Sally

Harry means "Home ruler of Germanic origin and Sally means "Princess" of Hebrew origin.

75. Sunbeam and Moonbeam

Sunbeam refers to "A ray of sunlight" and Moonbeam translates to "A ray of light from the moon."

76. Sonny and Cher

The boy's name Sonny means "Son" in British culture. Likewise, Cher is a girl's name of French origin originating from the French word cherie means "Beloved" and "Dear."

77. Buffy and Willow

Derived from British descent, Buffy means "God is my oath" and Willow means "Willow tree" in Old English feminine name.

78. Lemon and Lime

The gender-neutral name Lemon means "American Fruit" whereas Lime means "Great queen" in English origin.

79. Bert and Ernie

Bert is of German and British descent meaning "Noble", "Bright", and "Famous." Similarly, Ernie is of German origin and refers to "Serious" and "Resolute."

80. Ben and Jerry

The masculine name of Hebrew origin Ben means "Son" and the gender-neutral name of British ancestry Jerry means "Spear."

Color-Inspired Siamese Cat Names

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Siamese cats come in four separate color varieties. Choose a name from this selection that is inspired by your cat's distinctive coloration.

81. Shadow

The feminine given name of Old English origin Shadow translates to "Shade."

82. Mica

The Latin and Hebrew feminine name Mica means "Loved friend."

83. Stone

Stone is a male Siamese kitten name of British origin meaning "Dweller by the rocks" and "Stone."

84. Moth

Derived from the Old English word maoa, Moth means "Loves's Lanours Lost."

85. Ash

Derived from the Hebrew name Asher, Ash means "Happy" and "Ash tree."

86. Slate

With the meaning of Gray-green rock, Slate is of American descent.

87. Smoke

Smoke is a masculine name of English origin that means "Hot-headed."

88. Brownie

Derived from Middle English brun and broun, Brownie means "Nickname for someone with brown eyes."

89. Steel

The masculine given name of British origin comes from an Old English surname that refers to "Like steel."

90. Blue

The American and British descent name Blue means "The color blue."

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Disney-Inspired Cat Names

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Various entertaining cat characters from Disney might serve as inspiration while you pursue for the appropriate name for your new Siamese.

 91. Bagheera

The gender-neutral name of Indian origin Bagheera means "Tigerlike" which comes from The Jungle Book.

92. Marie 

Marie is a French name features in The Aristocats and is of French origin meaning "Star of the sea."

93. Nala

Nala is a cat name for Siamese originating from many African cultures and appears in The Lion King. The moniker refers to "Successful."

94. Tigger

The popular Disney-inspired Siamese cat name Tigger from Winnie the Pooh refers to "Energetic person" and "An overly enthusiastic."

95. Simba

From The Lion King, Simba means "Strength" and "Lion" of Swahil culture.

96. Toulouse

Toulouse is the name of a Siamese cat derived from a French place name and surname that is famous in The Aristocats.

97. Figaro

The popular boy named Figaro comes from Pinocchio. This moniker refers to "Barber" in French descent.

98. Berlioz

The Disney-inspired name Berlioz is taken from The Aristocats which is a gender-neutral name of French origin.

99. Am

Am is pickup from Lady and the Tramp who is of Hebrew descent meaning "Immortal" and "Borne by God."

100. Si

From the Lay and the Tramp, Si means "To hear" in Hebrew culture.

Unisex Siamese Cat Names

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Look through each of these unisex Siamese cat names.

101. Charlie

Charlie is a name for a Siamese cat that is for both boys and girls. This moniker is also known as "Free Man."

102. Bailey

The British origin name Bailey is a gender-neutral name meaning "Berry clearing" and "City fortification."

103. Kit

Kit is a cat name for Siamese which translates to "Bearing Christ" in Greek mythology.

104. Baby

Baby means "Sweetheart" and "Darling" which originated in the late Middle English.

105. Babble

With the meaning "Water moving", Babble is of Indian origin.

106. Skye

Skye is a Siamese cat named female and male of Scottish origin meaning "Winged" and "Island of clouds."

107. Max

Max is for both female and male Siamese cat names which is of German and Roman descent meaning "Greatest."

108. Marley

The gender-neutral British name Marley refers to "Marshy meadow" and "Pleasant wood."

109. Storm

The name for both girls and boys Storm is of British origin which is derived from the British word storm and translates to "Tempest."

110. Star

Star is of British, Greek, and Latin origin meaning "Star."

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