100+ Boat Names That Will Make You Want to Set Sail

By FamilywaveTeam | Jun 06, 2024

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Families who buy a boat have a great opportunity to make a lot of memories over the water together. It is a great way to spend quality time with your family, friends, or colleagues. It's a happy and relaxing place for many boat owners.

Buying a boat is the same as bringing a new member to the family and every new family member deserves a great name. Whether its a small boat or a big ship, naming your boat is a fun process that presents a family with an opportunity to bond. There are plenty of boat names to consider for your boat.

Cool Boat Names

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The next great commitment after owning a boat is to name it. We are often confused and wander a lot in search of quality and cool boat names. Here we have listed some of the coolest boat names that you might like for your fancy new friend.

1. Go With The Flow

This cool boat's name means embracing whatever comes our way and having fun with it.

2. Time Of My Life

You sure will have the time for your life while sailing. This name conveys a message that you have the best time while sailing.

3. Unsinkable

One of the major concerns for people while sailing is sinking. Unsinkable is a cool boat name.

4. Wave Runner

Similar to the road runner name, wave runner means something that travels fast in sea waves.

5. Long Weekend

This vacation-inspired name is a cool option to name your boat.

6. Sea Dancer

You love it when your boat dances gracefully around the waves of the sea, don't you? So, it's cool to name it this.

7. Great White

This name is for a beautiful white boat. Referencing a great white shark one of the deadliest sea animals.

8. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a precious stone found in the sea. It is as valuable as your boat is to you.

9. Sharkbait

It's a way to lure a shark and catch it. Cruising the sea is inviting a shark to visit you.

10. Natourious 

Natourious means well-known or famous for something. It's a cool name for a boat.

11. Aquaholic

This cool name is perfect for someone who loves to spend most of their time in water.

12. Fantasea

It is a fun wordplay from a word fantasy to create 'fanta-sea' for your boat's name.

13. Coral

Corals are the jewels of the ocean and seas. Your boat is a part of that ecosystem.

14. Mojo

A magical name for your magical boat. A boat with a mojo represents magic within itself.

15. Hammerhead

Hammerhead is a type of a Shark. Naming your boat hammerhead is like saying it is both dangerous and beautiful at the same time.

16. The Antarctic

Naming after the great Antarctic Ocean, this great boat's name will stick in people's minds.

17. The Kraken

The kraken is the legendary sea monster of gigantic size that appeared in the sea between Iceland and Norway.

18. Cthhulu

This name is based on a mythopoeia and shared fictional universe story. Written by an American horror writer called H.P. Lovecraft.

19. The Dark Zone

Another cool name for the boat as they are also known to sail on thunderous and stormy dark rainy nights.

20. Staying Afloat

Funny as it sounds, staying afloat is literally what your boat does for you.

21. Family Funded

This name suits someone who inherited the boat from their parents or grandparents.

22. Oar Inspiring

Oar inspiring means the overwhelming feeling of wonder and admiration. Two of the emotions you feel while sailing on the boat.

23. Out Of Range

You surely are out of range while sailing. You don't get networks and out of reach from everyone.

24. Let Sea

Let's see, where we sail today. A simple and fun boat name.

25. Shore Thing

Cleverly sounding like a sure thing, the shore is a land bordering the large waterbody. 

Funny And Clever Boat Names

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A boat with names instantly sounds more appealing to people. For someone who has a great sense of humor, we have listed some funny and innovative boat name ideas. This will level up your boat's personality.

26. Esea On The Eyes

Boats are a beautiful and smooth mode of transportation. They are indeed easy on the eyes and the seas.

27. Vitamin Sea

This is a frequently used term and it also mimics Vitamin-C, an essential vitamin for our body.

28. Knot On Call

This vacation-inspired boat name utilizes the word knot cleverly. Making Knots is an important activity while sailing.

29. Imagination

Your imagination is limitless while sailing on a boat. You have no boundaries while imagining something like the great sea itself.

30. Do Or Do Knots

Another name that uses the word Knots cleverly. Star Wars fans will enjoy this name more.

31. Sea-duction

Combining two names, sea and seduction to describe your beautiful water ride.

32. Knot Today

Like saying not today for all your stress, anxiety, problems, bad vibes, wrong crowd, work, etc.

33. Pier Pressure

A pier is a raised structure built on the shore mainly used to climb in or out of a boat.

34. The Princess Of Whales

We do adore our boat greatly. It is a great honor to compare it with a princess and great whales.

35. In Too Deep

Boats help you to get into the deepest water in the ocean. It is one of the cleaver names for boats.

36. Nausea

This name for the ship must be the funniest. A lot of people get seasick while traveling on them.

37. Riptide

Riptide is a strong and unpredictable ocean current. They are very dangerous to come across.

38. Fin And Tonis

Fins of the fish smartly replaces Gin with gin and tonic to give an ocean touch.

39. Old Buoy

A buoy is an anchor float that serves as a navigation mark for sailers and sounds like a word boy.

40. Lady Killer

The boat is a great flex used by the boys to impress women. Take her on a boat ride and woo her.

41. Seasick

This can be a satirical boat name to humor people who suffer from sea sickness.

42. A lone Again

A sea is a solid place for solitude, peace, and calm. Nice place to be alone for some time.

43. Eat Cray Love

Cray is a slang for the word crazy. It is like saying eat crazy and love crazy.

44. Seas The Day

Nice twist to the word 'seize the day'. It is one of the inspirational names for a boat.

45. Titanic II

Yes, referencing the most famous ship of all time. Funny way to honor a great ship that had a terrible ending.

46. New Kid On The Dock

This is a fun way to announce your boat's arrival at all the places you travel.

47. Joyride

Riding a boat gives you a great pleasure. The boat ride will fix anyone's mood and make them happy.

48. Best In Show

A fancy name for a fancy-looking sailboat or a yacht.

49. Dilbert

This is named after the mega yacht Dilbert. Dilbert is a superyacht launched on November 14, 2015.

50. Shelly

A Beautiful little name for a wonderful water companion, Shelly is a unique name for a boat.

51. Ferry Relaxing 

This means relaxing on the ferry ride, a cleverly chosen boat name.

52. Reef Us Alone

A funny way to say leave us alone in the sea or the ocean wherever we plan to sail.

53. Family Sea-libration

A unique way to define a place for a family celebration. A boat is indeed a great place for celebrations.

54. Knot For Sail

Another use of the word knot in a funny way that says my boat is not for sale.

55. Forget Me Knot

For all the passengers aboard the boat, this name is a nice little goodbye message using the boat reference.

56. Girls and Buoys

A Silly way of mixing boys in a sea term. This can be a unique and fun name for a boat.

57. Beachy Keen

Replacing the word peachy which describes extremely good things, with beachy to give a nice sea touch.

58. Life is Boat-iful

I don't think this name needs any explanation. Life is indeed beautiful if you believe so.

59. Sea The World

Hop on your boat and see the beautiful sea world. Beautifully naming your boat to explore the world.

60. Hydrophonic Hideout

Hideout in the beautiful blue waters. This boat's name will stand among its peers.

Classy And Unique Boat Names

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Now, for someone who prefers class to humor, below are some names listed that you might like. These names are unique and deeply thought to represent your boat's high standards.

61. Blue Blood

Represents the classic blue color of the sea, blue blood is among the top boat names.

62. Cleopatra

We all have heard about Cleopatra, one of the active influencers of Roman politics. She had a great relationship with Julio Cesar.

63. Carpe Diem

Carpe diem means seize the day. Not a day should be gone wasted is the boat's motto.

64. Beauty

A simple and direct name for a boat is 'Beauty'. 

65. Siren

Siren is the perfect boat name for someone who loves parties and loud music. This name will match your vibe.

66. Pura Vida

If we translate pura vida, it means 'pure life' or 'simple life'. A classic touch in the names of boats.

67. The Titus

This is the boat from the Swiss Family Robinson book. It could also be your boat name.

68. Gone With The Wind

Nice name for the boat that describes the incredible feeling we get from sailing.

69. Harmoine Granger

A magical name for a magic boat. Harmonie Granger is very famous among Harry Potter fans.

70. The Lady Of The Lake

For someone who loves to sail on a lake, this boat name is for them.

71. Bird

This iconic boat name is inspired by the 60 ft yacht from the book The Talented Mr. Ripley.

72. Nautical Us

This is another book-inspired boat name. It is named after the boat in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Nautilus.

73. 20,000 leagues

From the same book title, 20,000 League is also a great boat name.

74. SS Opportunity

SS often stands for Steamships. This could be a nice ship name that has a lot of potential.

75. Marquise

Marquise is a person married to a man with a high social rank. It's like considering your boat as close as your wife.

76. Sunny Days

This is a weather-based name for a boat. Also, we usually love to sail on bright sunny days.

77. Titan

This is a mighty name for your boat. This name will bring terror to your enemies in the sea.

78. Argo

This name comes from the ship name in the book Jason and the Argonauts.

79. Bay Breeze

The cool wind blows in the coastal sea areas. This name is as cool as the cocktail drink.

80. Safe Harbour 

A Harbour is a place on the coast where ships are sheltered. A safe Harbour means a safe place for your ship.

Some More Name Ideas For Big And Small Boats

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Still not convinced with the name? Don't worry, we still have some more boat name ideas for all kinds of boats i.e. small boats, big boats, fishing boats, sailboats, yachts, etc. 

81. Sh-Azzam

This boat's name is inspired by Azzam, one of the biggest yachts. It is a 590 ft yacht.

82. Dreamboat

For some people, it is a dream to own a boat. This boat's name is for those individuals.

83. Fortuna

This is a great name for a big fancy yacht and an individual who loves to show off.

84. Reef In Peace

This name can be a catchy boat name. Peace is all we need in life.

85. Big Blue

This name is after the mighty blue whale that suits big sailboats or yachts.

86. Rising Sun

This is another mega yacht-inspired name. This sounds quite inspiring and motivating as a boat name.

87. Expedition 

Sailing is also done for a lot of water expeditions. This name suits boats that are frequently used in such fieldwork.

88. Castaway

This movie-inspired boat name sounds perfect and unique. It represents the boats that are about to disappear from the horizon.

89. Moon Light

Moonlight is a beautiful and calming name for a boat. Everything looks so beautiful in the moonlight.

90. Sweet Caroline

This poetic name for your boat is based on a beautiful song written by American singer Neil Diamond.

91.  Shooting Stars

Shooting stars are known for bringing good luck. This means you consider your boat as your lucky charm.

92. Sea-More

Name inspired from see more phrase, as you are about to witness a lot of adventure with your boat.

93. Small Wonder

You can do wonder sailing in your small boats as well. A perfect little boat name for your joyride.

94. Water Bear

Water bears are the tiniest animals that are assumed to live forever.

95. Venus

One of the planets closest to Earth, Venus can be one of the unique boat names.

96. The Codfather

This cleverly thought boat name suits better for boats used for fishing.

97. Fishful Thinking

Fishful thinking name is another candidate for a fishing boat. Fishful thinking is a nicely rephrased word from wishful thinking.

98. Wanderlust

A perfect name for a traveling companion to travel around and see the world.

99. Sapphire

Your precious boat can be named after the precious gemstone Sapphire.

100. Liberty

Liberty symbolizes freedom. The same feeling that you get while sailing on your sailboat.

101. Serendipity

It means a happy situation occurred by chance. This can be a well-thought-out name for ships.

102. Defender

This strong and mighty name is usually given to warships. This powerful name can be your ship's name as well.

103. Atlantis

Atlantis is a legendary island in the Atlantic Ocean that lies west of the Strait of Gibraltar. 

104. Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman is a legendary ghost ship believed to have never reached a port but is doomed to sail forever.

105. Slice Of Life

This name is inspired by a famous HBO TV show, Dexter. The main character on the show has a boat named 'Slice of Life.'