100+ Unique and Special Grandpa Names

By FamilywaveTeam | Jun 06, 2024

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Grandpas are important people in any household. They play a great role in holding a family together and making family gatherings fun. Especially, children love to hang with their grandparents and hear lots of stories.

It's a beautiful bond a person shares with their grandparents. Ever wonder about cool grandpa names? Nicknaming grandpas with a cool name will make this bond even stronger. Here are a few cool grandpa name ideas.

Cute Name For Grandfather That Kids Love

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1. Pop

This casual name for grandpa is common among various cultures. It is very commonly used.

2. Papa

Just as repeated syllables in Mama, Papa is also the same for calling you dad or Grandpa.

3. Granddaddy

An interesting and direct way to address your Grandpa. 

4. Baba

This term generally refers to a father figure in a family. It is very common around the world.

5. Gramps

This is a classic American way that children address their grandfathers.

6. Pepe

Just like grandfather or grandpa in English, Pepe is an informal way to address grandpas in French.

7. Pop-Pop

This is a modern English version of calling your grandpa. It is easier to pronounce for the children.

8. Afi

It's an Icelandic origin word that means granddaddy. It is a unique name for Grandpa.

9. Bubba

This one is a playful option among the grandpa names. Forrest Gums movie fans must have heard it before.

10. Buddy

If you treat your granddaddy as your friend then you can call him buddy. It has a friendly vibe to it.

11. Gumpy

This playful grandpa's name is reminiscent of the word 'grumpy'. 

12. Dodo

If your grandpa has a good sense of humor then this name is for him. It's a funny little name. 

13. Jiji

Short form of the word Ojiisan, a Japanese word for grandfather. This one is an adorable name for Grandpa. 

14. Pa

Short and sweet name, is a close and loving way to call your grandfather.

15. Pappy

A charming name for your grandfather. This name has a Hispanic flavor.

16. Yeye

For someone with Chinese heritage, Yeye is one of the best names for grandpa.

17. Snickers

A very catchy name for grandfather, referring to them as sweet as the chocolate.

18. Popsi

A quieter version of pop, this can be a friendly name for your grandfather.

19. Popsicle

This is a humorous name for grandfather, more point if he likes having popsicles.

20. Popcorn

If your grandpa loves to snack a lot, this can be a humorous name for him.

21. G-dog

This is a cool way for calling your grandpa especially if he has a swag.

22. Kip

This cool and contemporary name gives your grandfather a cool vibe.

23. Geepa

A shorter version of grandfather in English. Geepa is a fun name for grandpas.

24. Tutu

This is a Hawaiian way of calling both your grandparents. It gives a nice flavor to the grandfather's name.

25. Grandude

For a younger grandfather, Grandude is relatable to them. It's a friendly and cool name.

26. Gong Gong

Primarily used in Taiwan, Gong Gong is one of the cutest options among the grandpa names.

27. Gogi

This cute nickname is used by Kurt Russell's grandchildren to call him.

28. Koro

Representing the Maori culture, Koro is a fun name for a grandpa.

29. Abba

This is a Hebrew word meaning father. This name is also used for grandfathers.

30. Bubby

Jewish people are familiar with this term. It's a form of affection used in Jewish households.

Some Traditional Name Ideas For Grandfather

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Want to try some traditional flavor for a grandpa's name? Here are some classic grandpa names that are perfect for your classic grandfather. 

31. Abuelito

Spanish-speaking families are familiar with this term. It represents a cherished member of a family.

32. Babushka

This Russian grandfather's name is endearing and funny to pronounce. You won't find another American grandad that has this name.

33. Dede

An elderly person who passes on family values is called dede in Turkish.

34. Opa

Someone who imparts knowledge and wisdom is called Opa in German.

35. Pappous

It is an alternate name for a grandfather in Greek. This name is related to Greek culture.

36. Morfar

This is a Swedish term used to address your maternal grandfather.

37. Saba

Saba is a grandpa name who brings laughter and joy in Hebrew.

38. Jido

An Arabic grandfather's name is Jido, which signifies a person with strong moral values.

39. Lolo

Lolo is a cool option among grandfather's names. It is used in the Philippines.

40. Gunga

This is Swahili's traditional name for grandfather. It describes a father figure who likes to share traditional tales.

41. Zu Fu

This is a Chinese traditional term used to address maternal grandfather.

43. Zayedh

It is a cool Yiddish term representing the grandfather’s cherished role in a family. 

44. Attahua

A unique option among our grandpa's names is Attahua, mostly used in Maori culture.

45. Dada Jaan

A respectful and loving name for a grandpa, this grandfather name is common in India.

46. Tupuna

In Maori culture, Tupuna is a grandpa's name that is deeply connected with his traditions.

47. Seedo

This Arabic name for grandfather was primarily used in Palestine.

48. Opappi

Originating in Italy, Opappi reflects a granddad who imparts life lessons.

49. Kakek

Kakek is a grandpa's name who symbolizes guidance and wisdom in an Indonesian family.

50. Nana Ji

In India, Nana Ji is a maternal grandfather. It's a respectful term used for addressing Grandpa.

Cool Grandfather Names For Badass Grandfather

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Now for a young and cool grandfather, we have listed some badass names, that you can call your grandfather. These names are cool and fun and your granddaddy will love it.

51. Bear

This name suits a grandfather who is protective, strong, and caring. They are very loyal to their loved ones.

52. Captain

A grandfather is a natural leader of a family. Captain suits them perfectly.

53. Boppa

This is a unique and funny twist given to a traditional grandpa name.

54. Ace

Ace is a great name for a grandpa. They are master in a field and also pass their knowledge to their grandchildren.

55. Big daddy

If there is someone bigger than your dad is your granddaddy. This name is as simple as your Grandpa.

56. Gaffer

Gaffer is a British term for an elderly person, usually meant affectionately.

57. Gramster

Mixing two names, grandpa and hipster, Gramster is a modern name for your grandfather.

58. G-pa

This is a hip grandpa name that is even cool enough for celebrities.

59. Buzz

If your grandfather is someone full of energy then Buzz is perfect for him.

60. G-Pop

A modern twist on a grandfather's name. Your modern grandaddy will love this name.

61. Grand Sire

This is a formal approach to addressing a dear elder in a family. It is an honorable name for a grandpa.

62. Grandmaster

This is a very friendly version of saying grandfather. It has both love and respect to it.

62. Gunner

If your grandpa loves hunting and woods, then call them this. This name is for courageous grandpa.

63. Hwak

Grandfather is always watching over his family. Calling him by this name will show your admiration towards him.

64. Grizzle

Similar to grizzly bear, this is a funny name for a grandpa who is rough around the edges.

65. Ironman

If you have a strong, unbreakable, and enduring grandfather then honor him by calling him an Ironman.

66. Old Chap

This one is used in calling old people. It is a funny British nickname for old people.

67. Maverick

For a grandfather who is unafraid, adventurous, and independent the name Maverick suits them perfectly.

68. Papa Cool

A cool grandpa nickname for a cool-looking grandfather. Papa Cool is among the best grandpa names.

69. P-Daddy

Perfect for a hipster grandfather, P-Daddi is a cool name also shared by the famous rapper Puff Daddy.

70. Popper

This name is an excellent choice of name among grandpa names. This suits a lively grandfather who likes to party.

71. Popit

Popit is a distinct Cajun grandfather name that suits best someone very different from the crowd.

72. Serge 

If your grandfather served in the army then it is a great name to call him a Serge. This name itself demands discipline and respect.

73. Tank

Another army-related name for grandfather who is very proud to have served in the army.

74. Zeus

If you call your grandpa Zeus then you know he is authoritative and commands respect from everyone.

75. Rambo

For a grandfather who is as tough as a nail, this name is for them. Also inspired by the movie Rambo.

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76. Chief

Is this a great fit for someone who is a natural leader of a family? Chief is a good grandpa's name.

77. Tiger

Another strong name to give to your grandfather. It means you see your grandpa as strong and athletic.

78. Mr. America

A patriotic grandfather in the family deserves this name. They will proudly accept this name.

79. Cowboy

Some grandfathers do like to call themselves a cowboy. It would be nice if you did that for them.

80. Grand Mentor

This is a respectful name for a grandfather especially if you look up to him as a great man.

81. King Grandpa

Referring to your grandpa as a King Grandpa will show your respect and honor towards him. 

82. Beloved Sage

Beloved sage means someone loved for their wisdom. For many this man is their grandfather.

83. Old Wise Man

A funny grandfather's name can also be an old wise man. You can casually call your grandpa this, especially if you two are very close.

84. Big Man

Big Man is a simple and modern grandpa name. Its simplicity is liked by many.

85. Coach

Coach is a nice and respectful name for Grandpa. We all learn some life lessons from our grandfather.

86. Cheetah

For an athletic and outdoorsy grandfather, the name cheetah will be appealing to them.

87. Cute Papa

Cute Papa is an impressive name for a grandfather. Your hipster grandaddy will love this name.

88. Papacool

Another cool name for modern grandfather especially for those famous among the ladies.

89. Poprock

If your grandfather is into rock and roll music then it is a nice idea to call them Poprock.

90. Pappa Chill

A cool and funky name for your grandpa is Pappa Chill. Your relaxed and laid-back grandpa will appreciate this name.

91. Old Geezer

This is a funny name. It is used for describing an old unreasonable person. So could be a sarcastic name of your grandpa.

92. Grand-Man

Grand-man means big man, giant man, not just in terms of size, but it could mean in personality as well. 

93. Abuelo

It is a Spanish word for grandparents. Everything sounds exotic in Spanish.

94. Bo-Bee

It describes someone with a gentle, idealistic, and romantic nature. This can be a unique grandpa name.

95. Superman

Yes, you can simply call your grandfather a Superman. This name suits your grandfather.

96. Jefe

Another name for Grandpa can be Jefe. George W. Bush's grandchildren call him by this name.

97. Big Paw

This name suits the head of the family. Your grandaddy will find this funny.

98. Silver Sage

Referencing their silver hair color and wise knowledge, silver sage can be a good grandpa name.

99. The Great Provider

Honor your grandfather with this name if you feel grateful for his sacrifices for the family.

100. Toddy

A funky spin on a name Daddy. Toddy also means hot drink made with sugar, hot water, and some spices.

101. Smartie

If your grandfather is a smart man then calling him smartie will be ideal. It is also fun to call him a smartie.

102. Captain Cranky

Grandpas tend to get cranky a lot of the time. So, if yours do the same then call them Captain Cranky.

103. Huggy

This name is for grandpas who like to give big and warm hugs to their grandkids.

104. Laughmaster

Funny grandpas deserve a funny name. Call him Laughmaster if he likes to crack a lot of dad jokes.

105. Mr. Goggles

Some grandfathers like to wear cool and modern sunglasses to look handsome. If your granddad is one of them then call him this.