150 Popular Mexican Names For Baby Boys And Girls

By FamilywaveTeam | Jun 06, 2024

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While some parents are confused about naming their baby, some make it an easy task by preparing early on. There are different ideas on naming your baby, and one of them includes naming on the basis of country. Among the countries, Mexico is a popular choice as it is a country with rich cultural diversity and history.

The most common baby names in Mexico are Sofia and Santiago. In this article, we have listed over 150 names of Mexican and Latin American origin for boys and girls with interesting meanings for each of them.

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The following listed name shows the popular boy names in Mexico. These names will definitely fit in well with your little one's generation whose parents love to choose popular names.

1. Alexander

The Mexican popular name Alexander originated from Greek. The name reflects the meaning of 'one who comes to save warriors'.

2. Angel

The word Angel comes from Spanish and English names. It is popular in Mexico which means 'messenger of god'.

3. Diego

It is a boy's name of Spanish origin and the word represents the meaning of 'take place of someone else'.

4. David

The Hebrew origin name means 'favorite' or 'beloved'.

5. Daniel

It came from the word Daniyyel (Hebrew origin) meaning 'God is my judge'.

6. Emmanuel

The popular boy's name shows the meaning 'God is with us' which is taken from Hebrew origin.

7. Gabriel

It is derived from the Hebrew name Gavri'el which means 'God is my strength'.

8. Jose

The Portuguese and Spanish version translates to 'God will give'.

9. Luis

It is taken from French and German forms, and it relates to 'well-known warrior'.

10. Lionel

The French word means 'young or little lion'.

11. Juan

It means 'Gift from God' origin in Spanish and the Manx form of John.

12. Mateo

The word came from the Spanish form of Matthew which translates to 'Gift of God'.

13. Mauricio

The name Mauricio form of Spanish means 'Black color by the skin'.

14. Rafael

It is from the Spanish word Raphael that message 'God has safe'.

15. Rodrigo

The boy's name Rodrigo is a name of Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian originating from the Germanic name Roderick. It means 'well-known ruler'.

16. Sebastian

It is derived from Greek, and the Latin name Sebastia reflects 'honorable'.

17. Samuel

The Hebrew origin name Shemu'el means 'God has understood'.

18. Santiago

It's of Spanish, Latin origin which means 'Saint James'.

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Most of today's parents want their baby names which is popular and sounds good in today's world. So, we have listed the top 15 popular girl names in Mexico:

19. Ana

It is a Spanish form of Hannah which means 'beautiful'.

20. Andrea 

The girl's name meaning 'protector' or 'warrior' originated from the Italian name Andrew.

23. Elena 

The word refers to 'bright, shining light' or 'moon'. It came from the name Helen of Spanish, Greek, and Italian descent.

24. Gabriela 

The feminine name derived from Spanish and Italian reflects 'Heroine of God' or 'God is my strength'.

25. Isabel 

It originated from the Spanish ancient name Elizabeth, which means 'Promised to God'.

26. Luna 

It translates as 'moon' which came from Italian descent.

27. Maria

The name came from the Hebrew name Maryam/Mariam which is used as the middle name of Catholic cultures. It means 'bitter' or 'drop of the sea'.

28. Mia

The Italian word, short form of Maria means 'Ocean Goddess'.

29. Olivia

The top name famously used in European countries as well as in the US reflects 'Peace'.

30. Sara

It means 'Princess' that comes from Hebrew origin.

31. Victoria

The Latin descent name reflects 'confidence and power'.

Unique Mexican Boy Names

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All the parents have the desire to name their children which sounds unique and rarely known about them. So, we have written down the beautiful names with their interesting meanings below:

32. Agustin 

It is of Spanish origin meaning 'magnificent' or 'great'.

33. Alex 

The Greek descent boy's name translates as 'protector of mankind'. However, it is a unisex name in today's generation also meaning strong and energetic.

34. Andres

It means 'warrior' and 'Brave' derived from the Estonian origin and Spanis form of Andrew.

35. Antonio 

This name means "Priceless' or 'Flourishing'. Antonio is a boy's name of Spanish and Italian descent Anthony.

36. Ariel

The Hebrew origin name means the 'Lion of God'.

37. Armando 

It is derived from Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese which reflects 'Armed man' or 'Soldier'.

38. Avila

The name reveals 'desired' and 'Island water'. It is taken from the German-origin name Aveline or Evelyn.

39. Carlos 

The Spanish and Portuguese name Charles means 'Strong man'.

40. Cristobal 

The Spanish-derived form of the name Christopher Columbus which was used in the Hispanic community. It means 'Important of Christ'.

41. Dario 

The Italia origin name reflects the meaning of 'Commanding Goddess".

42. Fernando

The word Fernando means 'Adventurer' or 'Daring journey' which came from Portuguese and Spanish descent.

43. Hector 

This name was previously used by Latino families. It means 'Holding fast' or 'Unhesitating'.

44. Ivan 

The Russian descent name shows the Russian culture which means 'God is friendly'.

45. Marco 

The boy's name taken from Italian and Spanish reflects 'Aggressive' or 'Violent'.

46. Sergio

It is also a Spanish and Italian origin name that means 'Protector' or 'Servent'.

47. Vincente 

The Latin form of Vincent has a fascinating meaning of 'Convine' or 'Influence'.

Unique Mexican Girl Names

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The following names have a lot of unique meaning to inspire baby girl throughout their life. Your daughter will feel proud to have these names as her own:

48. Aida 

The name associated with Italian and Arabic descent includes the attractive meaning of 'Present' or 'Gift and Reward'.

49. Ainara 

It is a unique name used in the US and Spain. It is of Spanish and English origin meaning Swallow (Bird)'.

50. Araceli

The Spanish descent name listed in the US top 1000 names means 'Heaven'.

51. Aracely

It also means 'Heaven' which is a feminine name. Aracely is of Spanish origin.

52. Bianca

The Italian descent name of Blanche. It reflects 'Pure' or 'White'.

53. Candela

It means 'Candle' derived from the Spanish name Candelaria.

54. Consuela

A name is a form of Spanish from a Latin word that meaning of 'Comfort' and 'Encouragement'.

55. Dulce

It is a popular Spanish and Portuguese name that is mostly used in Mexico and refers to 'Sweet'

56. Fernanda

The name Fernanda translates to 'Adventurous' or 'Fearless' as well as 'Achiever of peace' derived from Spanish, and German versions.

57. Hyacinth

It is a girl's name with Spanish and Mexican origin. It has a meaning of 'Beautiful'.

58. Lareina

The name refers to 'The Queen' which takes from Spanish roots.

59. Lola

It is of Spanish origin and has a meaning of 'Sorrows'.

60. Maite

The girl's name is taken from Brazilian and Basque regions which reflects 'Love'.

61. Malena

It came from Spanish and Hebrew descent, the name Magdalena translates to 'Small'.

62. Marisol

The Spanish name shortened form of Maria de la Soledad refers to 'Sea and Sun'.

63. Mareya

It has a lot of meaning which will be perfect for your baby girl. The name translates to 'Beautiful' or 'Beloved'.

64. Soledad

The Spanish origin Solitude refers to Loneliness.

65. Paloma

The name has an interesting meaning of 'Symbol of peace' which is a form of Spanish originating from the Latin name Palumbus.

66. Ximena

It is a Spanish or Basque name that is mostly used as the middle name of a female version. It give a sense of 'One who hears'.

Cute Mexican Boy Names

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As a parent, they think the name of their baby boy should be cute. The below-listed names show more than you expected. It will be a favorite for everyone who want cute Mexican boy names:

67. Amor

It is a French and Spanish origin name that represents 'love'. It is also a gender-neutral name.

68. Azul

The Spanish-derived name which is for both boy and girl reflects to color 'blue'.

69. Cali

The name Cali is of Latin origin. It is the shortest form of Calista which refers to 'Lovely' or 'Fairest'.

70. Elvio

The Spanish and Latin origin boy's name is meaning of 'Fair'.

71. Emiliano

The name Emiliano means 'Eager' which is of Spanish origin as well as Italian roots.

72. Lucas

A Latin boy named Lucas refers to the 'Messenger of Light'.

73. Paz

It means 'Peace' and 'Gold'. It is really a cute name that is of Hebrew origin.

74. Ruben

The boy named Ruben reflects to 'Observe' or 'Witness' which came from the Hebrew origin.

Cute Mexican Girl Names

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Nowadays, a parent has plenty of options to choose their baby girl's name at their own choice. So, we have made this tough decision easier by listing cute Mexican girl names in the below:

75. Adela

It is a girl name of Germanic origin and also a male name in Ethiopia. Adela reflects on 'Peaceful'.

76. Alma

The English feminine name is a Latin word that means 'Kind'.

77. Amalia

The name of Hebrew, Italian, and German origin refers to 'Activity' or 'Work'.

78. Carmen

It is a classic and elegant name for a girl of Spanish origin that translates to 'Poetry'.

79. Elisa

It means ' God's promise' which is of Spanish origin.

80. Francisca

The Spanish and Italian origin name refers to 'Truthful'

81. Gloria

It came from the Latin girl name Gloriae and makes sense of 'Fame' or 'Well-known'.

82. Guadalupe

The name of Spanish origin is the meaning of 'Hidden Valley'.

83. Ines

The girl's name is of Spanish origin and is also often given to baby girls in Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian-speaking cultures. But also used in Mexico which refers to 'Pure'.

84. Josefina

It is a female name of English origin that can translate to 'God Will Increase'.

85. Juana

It is of Spanish origin and has the meaning of 'God is gracious'.

86. Leticia

A feminine name of Spanish origin came from the Latin name Letitia means 'Joy' or 'Gladness'.

87. Lucia

It refers to 'Light' which is a traditional name of Italian and Spanish origin.

88. Luisa

The name of Italian origin translates to 'Well-known soldier'.

89. Lupe

It means 'From Wolf River' which is of Spanish origin.

90. Rosa

A baby girl's name of Mexican origin symbolizes 'Love, Romance, and Courage'.

91. Silvia

It is a French name form of Sylvie and originates from the Latin word for forest Silva and it refers to 'Spirit of the wood'.

92. Veronica

The woman's name is of Greek origin which means 'Truth'.

93. Yolanda

The name of Spanish origin refers to the 'Violet flower' introduced as a classic name in recent times.

Mexican Boy Names That Relate to English Names

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In the following list, you'll find more Latin American, Mexican, and Spanish boy names with interesting meanings. There is a lot of option for choosing a gorgeous name for your baby boys. 

It is the best way to name your baby after a family member with an English title:

94. Andres

The name is of Spanish origin and means 'Strong'. It is popular enough in Mexico as well as in the other cities of the US.

95. Antonio

It refers to 'Praised' which is of Spanish and Italian variation.

96. Felipe

This name is for baby boy names which is of Spanish origin. It means 'Friends of horses'.

97. Guillermo

It is the meaning of 'Strong-order soldier'. Likewise, this name is of Mexican and Spanish origin.

98. Jaime

The Spanish origin name that is a form of James is both a boy's and girl's name. It means 'Replacement'.

99. Julio

The name Julio is the meaning of 'Youthful' which is of Spanish origin.

100. Pedro

The boy's name refers to 'Rock' which is of Spanish origin and familiar to one of the most baseball player Pedro Rodriguez.

101. Martin

It is of Latin origin name that is of meaning 'God of Conflict'.

102. Pablo

The Spanish-derived name that was commonly used in the Spanish version of Paul. It refers to the 'Working class'.

103. Ricardo

This boy's name means 'Commander' which is of Portuguese and Spanish origin most used in the US.

104. Roberto

It is a name of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese derivation of Robert which means 'Well-known'.

Mexican Girl Names That Relate to Common English Names

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Similarly, parents might search for many Mexican girl's names that are Latin American versions of common English names. So, we have made your search names easier by listing them here:

105. Alexa

It is the short form of Alexandra which is of Spanish origin. The girl's name refers to 'Protector of mankind'.

106. Alicia

The name is of Spanish origin and also derived from German Adalhaidis and translates to 'Prestigious'.

107. Angelina

It is a girl's name that means 'Messenger of God'. The name is of Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Greek variation of Angela.

108. Barbara

The beautiful name of Latin origin includes the meaning of 'Unknown woman'.

109. Clara

The Latin origin girl named Clara means 'Shine'.

110. Carolina

It is a Fresh origin name that refers to 'Stranger'.

111. Irene

The name which is of Greek origin is the name of the Greek goddess of peace. So, it also means 'Calm'.

112. Irma

It refers to 'Complete' and is of German origin.

113. Juliana

The girl's name is of Latin origin and means 'fresh-faced'.

114. Margarita

The Spanish, Greek, and Russian origin name is an international form of Margaret which means 'Pearl'.

115. Martha

It is of Aramaic origin and refers to 'Polite'.

116. Miranda

The name is of Latin origin which is a poetic name that was discovered by Shakespeare for the beautiful and young heroine of his play The Tempest. It translates to 'Marvelous'.

117. Patricia

The Latin origin name sounds patrician means 'Honest'.

118. Teresa

The name refers to 'Gather' and is of Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese origin.

119. Venessa

It is of Greek origin and the girl's name has the meaning of 'Butterfly'.

Indigenous Boy Names Found in Mexico

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A country located in the southern part of North America speaks Spanish as an official language. It has 68 Indigenous languages. 

There are around 28 million Indigenous people in the country. So, we have listed the name that reflects the Mexican community, tradition, and their culture:

120. Acalan

It is a baby boy name of Aztec origin which means 'Without moving'.

121. Atlatl

The name comes from the Nahuatl language and the Aztec origin that refers to the 'Type of weapon'.

122. Cozcatl

The male name of Aztec origin is from the Nahuatl language. It means 'Precious stone'.

123. Cuetzpalli or Cuetzpallea

It means 'Forgiveness' which is of Aztec origin.

124. Huitzilin

The name is of Aztec origin which means 'White throat'.

125. Itzcali

The Aztec (Nahuatl) origin name translates to 'Elegance'.

126. Irepani 

It is from the Purepecha indigenous community which means 'Originator'.

127. Mesawa

The popular Mexican boy's name from the Popoluca community refers to 'Blast'.

128. Ocotlan

The name comes from the Zapotec language of Oaxaca origin 'Near the pines'.

129. Surem

It is the form of The Yaqui, Yoeme, or Hiaki which refers to 'Ancestry'. This name comes from a Uto-Aztecan-speaking Indigenous people of Mexico in the valley of Rio Yaquin in the Sanora and the Southern United States.

130. Tonauac

The masculine name of Aztex's origin reflects 'One who has a light'.

131. Tsijiari

The name means 'Little Sun' and comes from Mexican origin.

132. Tanok

This name comes from the Tepehuano indigenous community that is also found in several parts of Mexico, mostly in the western and northern regions. It refers to 'Sunshine'.

133. Ueman

It is the meaning of 'Respected time' which is of Aztec origin.

134. Xipilli

A masculine name is of Aztec origin and reflects to 'Decorated prince'.

135. Xiuhtecuhtli

It is of the Aztecs of central Mexico and has the meaning of 'God of fire'.

136. Yooko

The northern Mexico boy's name comes from the indigenous community which is a form of 'Yaqui, Yoeme, and Hiaki. It refers to 'Tiger'.

Indigenous Girl Names Found in Mexico

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The following girl names reflect the Mexican community, tradition, and culture with their each meanings:

137. Ajaniame 

It is of Guarijio origin which is from the Mexican Indigenous community. The name is meaning of 'Life'.

138. Anam

The name from Huasteco origin refers to the 'Earth'.

139. Axochitl

It means 'Water flower' which is of Nahua origin well-known Indigenous community.

140. Bimori

The name reflects 'Confuse' and is of Tarahumara origin.

141. Citlali

The Nahua-origin named Citali means 'Star'.

142. Inda Jani

Another girl's name Inda Jani is of Zapoteco origin which refers to 'Water that is born'.

143. Ix Chel

From the Maya community, it is the meaning of 'Goddess of the moon'.

144. Kantyi

As a girl's name Kantyi means 'Manageable' is of Amuzgo community.

145. Nakawe

Traditionally girl's name Nakawe simply reflects to 'Founder of the stars and water' and is of Huichol origin.

146. Sesasi

The girl's name is also a Purepecha name and it generally refers to 'Charming'.

147. Soona

It is a girl named Soona is of Otomi origin name which is of the Indigenous community that refers to 'Sunshine'.

148. Yamanik

The Quiche community name Yamanik means 'Symbol of truth and love'.

 149. Yatzil

The Maya community which is also regarded as an Indigenous community named Yatzil means 'Beloved'.

 150. Yej Susan

It shows the meaning of 'White Lilly that comes from the Zapoteco community.

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