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100+ Spanish Baby Girl Names and Their Meanings

By SameenShakya | Mar 26, 2024

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Spanish is a global language with more than 595 million total speakers around the world and out of them, 496 million are native Spanish speakers. So, naming your baby girl in Spanish will ensure she is in good hands.

You may want to name her Spanish depending on various reasons like a tribute to the heritage, culture, and love for your native country or to sound exotic. Parents say Spanish names sound extravagant and easy to pronounce. However, choosing one among so many options can be difficult.

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The popular and most common Spanish names for girls with their meanings are as follows:

1. Lucia

Lucia is the feminine version of the word Lucious, which means "illuminance." The word is of both Spanish and Italian origin. The little girl who spreads light to your world and shines herself perfectly deserves a name like this.

2. Sofia

The meaning of Sofia is "wisdom." It is actually derived from the Greek word Sophia. The variations of spellings occurs with different countries. According to Nameberry, Sofia is ranked 13 by popularity.

3. Isabella

Isabella is derived from Isabel. The word is of Spanish and Hebrew origin. Isabella means "consecrated to God." Isabella has been modified and spread worldwide from Elizabeth since the 13th century.

4. Lola

The exact meaning of Lola in Spanish is "sorrows." It can also mean a free young lady or warrior. The name is derived from the title "Dolores" given to the Virgin Mary. Lola gives a message that sorrows are also needed in life to experience joy.

5. Valeria

The meaning of Valeria is "strength." The feminine Spanish name that means to be strong, brave and healthy was used by early Christians.

6. Camila

Camila is a feminine Spanish-Italian name which means "young ceremonial attendant." Many popular American actresses and singers like Camila Cabello, Camila Mendes, and Camila Belle have borne this name. 

7. Valentina

Valentina is a pretty name recommended for a baby girl. The meaning of Valentina is "healthy and strong." The name is also similar to Valentine's Day, which is an annual day of celebration for love.

8. Sara

The meaning of Sara is "a princess" or "a noblewoman." It suits perfectly for your little princess too, right? This name is so familiar from the American to the Indian subcontinent. It is easy to pronounce and a beautiful feminine name.

9. Ana

Another beautiful yet precise and simple name for a baby girl is Ana. The meaning of Ana is "to be full of grace." It is a mixture of Anne and Hannah. Both these words are actually of Hebrew origin.

10. Maria

Maria is one of the most popular Spanish name for baby girl. This name means "bitter sea", "star of the sea", or "drop of the sea." It is basically associated with the sea but can also mean beloved, rebellion, or the wished-for-child.

It is so popular that 61,134,526 people bear this name throughout the world.

Unique Spanish Baby Girl Names

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Some parents do not prefer to give their kids a pretty common name. Based on the low popularity, they want a rare name for their kids. So, here are some unique Spanish girl names with meaning.

11. Catalina

Catalina is the Spanish form of the word Katherine, which means "pure soul." Its origin goes back to the Irish and Greek language.

12. Marisol

Marisol means Mary of Solitude. It also sounds like Mar Y Sol, which is Spanish for "sea and sun." Marisol is neither too popular nor too rare name. It has been making quite waves in the US lately.

13. Raquel

The meaning of Raquel is "innocent." The ubiquitous version of this name is the Hebrew word Rachel. Both mean innocent ewe.

14. Alejandra

Alejandra means "the defender of womankind." The word itself says it is a fitting name for your girl. 

15. Eliana

Eliana is a feminine name which means "my god has answered." This name has connections to the Hebrew origin, bible, as well as Greek mythology. It may also be referred to as a sun, or moon's brother.

16. Fernanda

The meaning of Fernanda is a "fearless adventurer", or "a bold voyager." With such a motivation in her name itself, the baby girl will surely thrive in her life.

17. Alicia

Alicia means "noble", or someone of high status. There are multiple versions of Alicia like Aleesha, Alisha, Alysha, and Alecia. It can also mean "someone protected by God."

18. Jade

In Spanish literature, Jade actually came from the phrase “piedra de la ijada” which means “stone of the colic.” This was because in ancient times, a green gemstone was used to cure colic in babies. It basically refers to a precious stone or jewelry.

19. Amada

"Beloved" is the literal meaning of the name Amada. Amada has both Italian and Spanish origin.

20. Antonella

Antonella means "priceless." Something that has no value, a precious and praiseworthy thing is Antonella in Spanish.

Beautiful Spanish Baby Girl Names

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Many gorgeous Spanish names sound so pretty. Such beautiful baby girl names in Spanish are listed below.

21. Mariposa

Mariposa means "Butterfly." A short sweet, simple, and beautiful name for a beautiful child.

22. Amaya

The name Amaya is derived from an ancient valley and basically means "the end." Now it means the mother city or the heaven valley. It indicates that for a baby, home and mother city are always there for them no matter where they go. 

23. Alirio

Alirio is the name inspired by the Spanish word Lirio meaning "iris flower" or "lily." It can also mean "ruler of all people" in the German language.

24. Lux

The meaning of Lux is "light." This name is actually shortened from "Nossa Senhora Da Luz." It can also be variants for Luz.

25. Belia

Belia is another Spanish name that simply means "beautifully." It is pretty straightforward and classic yet so unique.

26. Estrella

The meaning of Estrella is "a star", or "a divine strength." Other variations of Estrella can be Stela, Estelle, Estella, Estela, Estrilla, Estrellita, Estrella, Estrea, and Estrela.

27. Cayo

The name Cayo means "rejoice." This beautiful Spanish name is suitable for both male and female kids.

28. Jacinta

Jacinta is the Spanish name for the flower "Hyacinth." It also has a Greek meaning based on the ancient Greek hero Hyacinthus' name. 

29. Rocío

The literal translation of Rocío from Spanish to English is "Dew." But while naming baby, it can also mean Mary of the Dew, or someone with a great friendly personality.

30. Aurora

Spanish name Aurora refers to "the beautiful light in the sky seen during the dawn." Auroras are primarily seen in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Patterns of brilliant lights cover the sky as rays, spirals, or dynamic flickers.

Old Spanish Girl Names

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We have also listed some of the old-fashioned and biblical names that were quite popular in the 1960s, 70s, and 90s.

31. Dolores

Dolores is an old-fashioned name which means "Sorrows." This name signifies that sorrows are required in life in order to experience joy.

32. Teresa

Teresa's meaning in Spanish is "to harvest." The name is thought to be derived from the word "Theresa" which mean summer in Ancient Greek.

33. Gloria

Gloria is simply the anglicized version of "Glory." It means magnificence or great beauty and high renown from some notable achievements.

34. Itziar

Itziar name is of Spanish-Basque origin which means "An ancient stone." It again has a reference to the Virgin Mary also as Basque village has an important shrine to the Virgin Mary.

35. Josefina

Josefina is another biblical name which means the "Lords will increase."

36. Rosario

Rosario means the Rosary. It is a chain of beads used by Catholics for their devotion. In Spanish, it is the shortened form of "María del Rosario", the name of the baby born during the festival of Our Lady of the Rosary.

37. Dominga

Dominga is the Spanish word for Dominic and it simply means the Lord. Alternative spellings for Dominga are Daminga, Domeenga, and Domynga.

38. Manuela

Manuela is a feminine name of Spanish origin which means "God is with us." Other variations of Manuela like Emanuel, Emanuelle, Manuel, Manuella, and Manuèle are much more popular in the African continent.

39. Paloma

Paloma means the bird "Dove." It denotes peace, love and goddess Aphrodite.

40. Gabriela

Gabriela has Spanish, Italian and Hebrew origin. It means "God is strength." This is a strong yet graceful feminine Spanish name for a girl.

Strong Spanish Girl Names

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Here are the ten strong and powerful Spanish girl names with meanings.

41. Gabi

Gabi is the short for Gabriela. It just means "Heroine of God," or "God is my strength." This name can be gender neutral but gives a little bit more feminine vibe.

42. Gese

Gese means "spear", "strength", and "power." It also has a German meaning "Just." So either way, the name is unique and represents the strength your little girl will have forever.

43. Pilar

Pilar is the Spanish feminine name derived from the "María del Pilar." It is a lovely way to share your faith by naming your baby Pilar. It also represents she is the biggest strength of your life.

44. Brianna

The meaning of brianna is strong in Spanish. It can also mean high noble or exalted in Irish language.

45. Brigida

Brigida means "the exalted one," "power," and "the strong." It is derived from the Gaelic word "Bre" which translates to a mountain or hill.

46. Gertrudis

The name itself sound so strong, Gertrudis. This unique name means a strong spear. Other variations of this name are Gertrud, Trudy, and Gertraud. This name has same meaning in Spanish as well as German language.

47. Hermelinda

Hermelinda is a perfect name for a strong girl as it mean both "powerful and gentle." The soft and gentle feminine side with the high strength and power to achieve great things in life, makes it a great name.

48. Ifigenia

Ifigenia means "Born Strong" in Spanish. The name also has a Greek origin and roughly translates to sacrifice. This signifies, the birth of a powerful baby or a royal birth.

49. Virtu

Virtu is another popular female Spanish name which means strength. It also means "moral excellence."

50. Audry

Anothering empowering meaningful name "Audry" means noble strength. Audry is the British name while Audra is the Spanish terminology. It is associated with the qualities of honor and courage.

Modern Spanish Girl Names

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51. Zarita

Zarita is a Spanish name of hebrew origin which means "princess."

52. Ynez

The meaning of Ynez is pure and chaste. Another variation of its spelling is Inez.

53. Xiomara

Xiomara means "ready for battle." It is perfect for a courageous and empowered baby girl.

54. Trini

Trini is short for the "holy trinity" or "trinidad." It is the modern version of a holy name and sounds so cute.

55. Soledad

Soledad means "Solitude" like that of a Virgin Mary. Many names for girls are derived from Virgin Mary, but this one is unique and has a modern twist in faith.

56. Joyas

Just like how it rhymes, the real meaning of Joyas is "Joy." The newborn baby girl is certainly a bundle of joy in the family.

57. Sabrosa

Sabrosa means something "tasty" and "delicious." Although the kids are not food to call them tasty, its just like calling people sweet like honey.

58. Tonia

Tonia means "priceless" and "praiseworthy." It is a modernized form of Antonia.

59. Olalla

The meaning of Olalla is " a very well spoken person", or "a girl with a good voice." Your daughter will love it when she understands its meaning and start conversing.

60. Leocadia

The Spanish name Leocadia means "splendid brightness."

Unusual Spanish Names For Baby Girl

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Some names are so unusual and pretty unique. It can even be hard to pronounce but the meaning is quite captivating. Here are some pretty unusual Spanish names for girls.

61. Agdta

Agdta means kind and honorable in Spanish.

62. Ramira

The meaning of Spanish term Ramira is "judicious," "wise," and "sensible."

63. Zaviera

Zaviera is a rare Spanish name that means bright and splendid. The alternative spelling can be Xaviera. It also means "New House" from its Basque origin.

64. Bryssa

The meaning of Bryssa is "a gentle breeze." It also reflects someone's ability to persuade others.

65. Callida

The literal translation of Callida is "a fiery young woman." It also means most beautiful and warm. The other variations of this name are Calida, Callista, Callisto, etc.

66. Elvita

Elvita means "truth." There is also a popular horror movie on this name "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark." So naming your kid Elvita can be unusual.

67. Eloisa

The Spanish name Eloisa means "famous warrior," and "healthy."

68. Mireya

Mireya is a gorgeous feminine name that means "miracle" as well as "admired."

69. Aintzane

The meaning of Aintzane is "glorious." It can also be shortened as Aintza.

70. Aldonza

The word Aldonza means "sweet" and "good-natured."

Funny Spanish Girl Names

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Some of the Spanish names either sound funny, or the meaning in another language can be different, making them funny out of context. Here are such unfortunate and funny-sounding Spanish girl names.

71. Soyla

The literal translation of Soyal is "I am the." This makes no sense when said alone, but with the surname, the whole name can sound funnier. For eg, Soyal Cano (white haired pale person).

72. Elano

Elano means someone spontaneous. But the word sounds just like El Ano. It means "someone's rear end."

73. Feo

Feo is actually the short form of Maffeo (the Spanish version of Matthew), but Feo means ugly and unpleasant in English. This makes their name unfortunately funny.

74. Vicioso

Vicioso means someone who is healthy vigorous in Spanish. But it sounds like vicious, meaning deliberately cruel and evil.

75. Trapala

Some people have a unique nickname Trapala which means someone who chats a lot and makes the environment lively. It sounds cute but directly translates to an irritating rattling sound.

76. Fábiana

Fabiana is a cute name which means Bean grower. But the idea of someone naming their kid a bean grower is just funny.

77. Benemerito

Benemerito is someone who deserves an award or recognition for their work. But it is funny because in Spanish slang and phrases, people use this term to refer to call the police.

78. Simplicia

Simplicia is a female name which means naive. It is funny as people use this word as insults with malevolence referring to someone lacking intelligence.

79. Quasimodo

Quasimodo means a low Sunday in literal sense. But in a movie and Victor Hugo novel "Notre-Dame de Paris," it is the name of a funny character who has a malformed back.

80. Candida

Candida is a feminine Spanish name that means "White." However, the renowned meaning of this word is the yeast infection causing microorganism.

Cool Spanish Girl Names

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Here are some cool Spanish girl names for your little girl, which is sure to make her stand out of the crowd.

81. Mercedes

Mercedes is not just the name of the famous car brand. It is actually a name of Spanish origin that means "benevolence, kindness, and compassion."

82. Viviana

Viviana means alive and lively. It has all Spanish, Italian, and Latin origin and the meaning is same in all language.

83. Belkis

Belkis is a feminine name with Spanish roots that means Queen of Sheba, an iconic figure in various religions.

84. Reina

Naming your baby girl Reina would be so cool. Reina means "queen" in English. 

85. Leticia

Leticia means joy, laugh, or happiness. It has many other name variations like Letitia, Laetitia, Liteasha, Latischa, and more.

86. Paz

With this short and sweet name, you can bring peace to the world. Paz means "peace" in Spanish.

87. Aracely

Another really cool name for a girl would be Aracely. It gives the meaning of "altar of the sky or heaven."

88. Celia

The meaning of Celia is "the sixth heaven." Your baby girl is surely a heavenly presence on earth, so it would be a great name.

89. Evita

Evita is a cooler name for Eva. It means life.

90. Aitana

Aitana is a name of Spanish and Basque origin that means glory.

Exotic Spanish Names For Girls

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Anything that is introduced from a foreign country or non-native is exotic. So it can be either Spanish names for Americans and other countries' people or other countries' names for Spanish. Here are some names to give you an idea of some exotic names for girls.

91. Arcelia

Arcelia is a name of Spanish origin but popular in the USA since the 1920s. The meaning of Arcelia is "treasure chest."

92. Eloisa

The meaning of Eloisa is "a famous warrior." It is ideal if you want to instill your baby girl with confidence and courage. Eloisa has a German origin.

93. Lorena

Lorena is derived from the name of Laurel tree or also called the sweet bay tree. It is the symbol of honor and victory. This Spanish name has a latin origin.

94. Amada

Amada means "lovable," or "beloved" in Spanish. It's a pretty simple yet perfect name for a baby girl. This exotic name is borne by Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes' daughter.

95. Ines

Ines means holy and pure. It can also be spelled as Inez or Ynez. This French and Spanish origin name is popular in the American continent also.

96. Adriana

Adriana means dark in Italian. But in biblical meaning, it represents the search for a deeper connection with God and spiritual mysteries.

97. Marina

Marina means anything associated with the sea. The beautiful name is derived from the Latin word Marinus.

98. Isla

Isla is a popular Spanish name but it has a Scottish origin. This exotic Spanish name means "island."

99. Monada

Monada is derived from the Greek noun, Monas. It means one unit. This feminine name is widely used in Spanish.

100. Amalita

The exotic Spanish name Amalita refers to "industrious." This beautiful female name is poetic and admirable.