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30 Indoor Games for Kids That Will Keep Them Entertained for Hours

By FamilywaveTeam | Jun 06, 2024

Source : instagram

There are days when kids are stuck inside the house often due to weather or other numerous reasons. To keep them engaged in some activities behind the close doors is a little challenging.

Playing indoor games is quite a good idea during such times. Here is a list of the ultimate best 30 indoor games for kids that will keep them entertained.

1. Hide and Seek

Source : happysinglemommy

Hide and seek is an indoor game often played by kids. This game can be played by people of all ages.

To play hide and seek you need to count the number from 1 to 10 by closing your eyes. Till then, other players will hide at different places inside the house. After that, you will just need to open your eyes and try to search for the hidden kids or players.

If you are able to search all members from the front side until the other partner searches you, you will be announced as a winner.

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2. Ballon In The Air

Source : pinterest

Ballon in the air is a fun and easy game for kids. This game can be played by making a group of two to three children with a single ballon in each group.

The objective is to keep the balloon in the air without letting it touch the ground. Kids need to take turns to bat upward in sequence.

3. Balloon People

Source : pinterest

Balloon People is the perfect indoor game that can be played inside during rainy days by mixing balloons and creativity. 

To play this game you need to have a variety of ballon colors, markers, and stickers. Kids can decorate those colorful balloons with markers and design their own ideas on balloons. Some kids also stitch paper feet and hands but need to pay attention as it can burst if not placed properly.

4. Duck, Duck, Goose

Source : pinterest

To play Duck, Duck, Goose, there should be a minimum of 6 players. Out of six, chose someone to be a goose and other kids needed to sit in the circle.

After that, the goose will walk around the circle by tapping each kid and calling duck, "Duck, duck, duck". The old Goose will run around the circle by placing himself on the vacant seat before the new Goose can Catch them.

5. The Floor is Lava

Source : pinterest

The floor is lava played within the time frame of 5 seconds. In the 5 seconds, you should pretend that the floor is lava and jump on the paper sheet without touching the floor.

After that, play a piece of music and encourage players to freeze themselves when the music is turned off. After 5 seconds, if someone still has any contact with the ground, then they lose.

6. Alphabet Games

Source : pinterest

If someone is looking for theme games, then Alphabet Games is one indoor game. These types of games are categorized under spoken Quiz games.

For this category of game, you need to choose a theme of that category, take turns with the letter of the alphabet, and come up with things in the theme. For example, suppose the theme chosen is Animal then you would have an anteater, baboon, carp duck, etc.

7. Two Truths and A Lie

Source : howtoadult

Two Truths and A Lie is a short, fun game that is just a comfortable game to play indoors with family members. To keep kids engaged, it is a highly recommended game. 

To begin this game, one kid must make three statements at a time about themselves, where he/she will provide one lie and two truths. The trick is that everyone should guess which information is true and which is false.

8. Scavenger Hunt

Source : entertainyourtoddler

Scavenger hunt game is based on the discovery of things. You can let kids play either with a handwritten list or by typing on a computer and distributing print-out copies of the clues. 

For some kids, it's time-consuming if they do not find the word in the maximum time, so it's necessary to have clues below each item.

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9. Puzzle Piece Hunt

Source : pinterest

Puzzle piece hunt is interesting to play with kids. To play this game, you should hide the puzzle when your child is not looking around.

You can hide those puzzle pieces in different locations like a dining room chair, behind the couch, under a book, on kitchen slabs, etc. Then let the children search for those pieces and collect them on the table and continue to search more.

10. Indoor Bowling

Source : funathomewithkids

To play indoor bowling, a step-by-step method can be applied where a child can feel easy to play within a group.

For this, fill the plastic bottles with small pieces of toys to make the bottles weigh them down. Set up the plastic bottle in a row with as many numbers as you wish.

Then take about 7-10 steps away from the plastic bottle pins and roll the ball on the ground toward the pins. Finally, a child can try to knock over as many pins as possible.

11. Touch-and-Feel Boxes

Source : pinterest

Touch-and-Feel Boxes is one of the best indoor games for kids that make a sense of touch. This game makes them feel of association of information on how the object looks. 

To play this game with kids, start by putting objects in the container that the child must reach and identify by touch. Shoe boxes work well as they can be easily cut by scissors and do not let light through. Place an object in each box and let the kids take turns to guess what are the things inside the boxes.

12. Bubbles

Source : pinterest

Playing bubble games for kids seems to be outdoor games, but these games can be played indoor to make the child engaged for an hour by their parents.

For the game, kids can start with items like plates, straws, soap, etc. On a plate place a coin-sized dish soap. Mix with water until suds form. After that place a straw end part down into the suds so that a layer of suds can form. Kids can slowly be blowing a very little bubble to start and increase the sizes. 

13. Hot Potato

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Hot Potato as indoor can be a little giggly, so be warned! It is great though because it is one of those games that keep kids occupied for over an hour.

To play this game, one can start with a softball or rolled-up socks. After that, toss it to a child and instruct them to toss that ball to someone else as quickly as possible. Each child can repeat this.

If you want to play the game with enough children then you can also add up the music while tossing the object. Stop the music at the last child to touch. Repeat unless there is only one child left.

14. Charades

Source : pinterest

If you have not played this game, then you need to. This game is all about the acting on which phrases or no spoken word are used. 

The game starts with a bowl of phrases or titles on a sheet of paper. In turn, each player will draw a slip from the bowl and act according to the title/phrases by using body movements. Other players will try to guess the title/or phrases. The kids who give correct answers will have extra points. 

15. Dominoes

Source : pinterest

Dominoes are small rectangular tiles shaped to boost creative development. You can keep your little child busy by letting them build, stack, and sort a set of dominoes.

To play this game, a kid can match the dots to the other dots of dominos tiles. Each tile has a dividing line with different dots like pips, dobs, and nips on each side. After the completion of a domino trail, one domino in the beginning is pushed in such a way that all other dominos fall in a sequence.

16. Glass Marble Roll

Source : pinterest

If the kids like to play something challenging, then glass marble roll is one of them. It is one of the indoor games that can help your child to boost concentration and mind development.

To play this game, you need to have cardboard and cut some square holes on a large side. Then you need to place some numbers above the holes and choose your turns. After that, start sliding your marbles. Kids who will pass the marbles from the hole with the higher number will win the game.


17. Marble Toss

Source : nelsonweekly

Marble toss is a simple and creative game that can be played indoor. Marbles are cheap and can be of different design and colour which attract the kids to play.

To play this game, all you need to have is a simple basket, one large marble, and 20 same colored marbles for every player. After allocating marble to everyone, one should toss the marble, and the marble will serve as a marker. The winner will toss the next marble to the first marker. Each player has their own turn, and they can toss the marble by making a distance-specific goal.

18. Counting Dice

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Counting dice is one of the popular games all over the world. This game is appropriate for all young kids who are able to roll the dice. 

For this fun game, you need to have six dice and a score sheet where each player will roll all six dice. You can count the points that are assigned for each number combination depending on what you roll for your first turn. You can also re-roll some dice to retry and receive more points before passing to the next player.

19. Toilet Paper Roll Cars

Source : funmoneymom

Everyone has toilet paper in their house. Have you ever wondered what can be exciting with a never-ending supply of toilet paper rolls? Yes, it's a toilet paper roll car game.

To play this game, all you need is to have toilet paper which you can paint, roll with cardboard, pens, etc. You can design and design them according to the player's wants. After that, you can have fun making them even by racing them on the table, ground, shelves, showcase, sofa, bed, couch, etc.

20. Car Painting

Source : pinterest

Car painting is one of the games that can be played by kids to make them engaged indoors. 

To play this game, you need to have different sized cars and you can use different colors of paint to make beautifully decorated tracks. This could make great art and creativity for kids' bedrooms.

21. Head Full Of Numbers

Source : gamesforyoungminds

Head Full of Numbers is one math-related game that is amazing at helping kids learn maths skills. These games are popular for social skills creating and having fun.

To play this game, one needs to have dice. The dice contains numbers from one to nine. The rule is to add, subtract, multiply, and divide to win. If the answer on dice comes with an accurate number, then he will be announced as the winner.

22. Balance Beam

Source : pinterest

Balance beam is one of the amazing indoor games for kids. It is one of the recommendable games as it improves self-confidence, learning stability, and a sense of reaction. 

To play this game, make a balance beam with masking tape or blue painter's tape and take turns walking on it. You can also make a long balance beam with line making or blue painter's tape. Make it shorter or longer or add zig-zags. Now you can start the fun by walking across it.

23. Sock Ball Soccer

Source : lovevery

Playing with socks sounds reaally fun! We can engage our children or kids in indoor games by making them play with a variety of objects that are already available in-house. For this, sock ball soccer is a good idea.

To play this game, you can use the old lone socks or mismatched socks by folding them into a ball. Now, you have soccer balls made up of sock and play it by acting like a soccer player.

24. Sock Graph

Source : dayswithgrey

The sock graph is an easy and affordable indoor game that makes parents engage their children. The young learners' parents can use this knowledge to bring them to data management practice. 

The game is just like sorting, graphing, and counting. To play this game, you can tape the paper down with painter's tape. In the next steps add felt squares to the bottom of the graph. At last, place the socks or your playing partner will graph to the left.

25. Glow in The Dark Egg Hunt

Source : bhg

Your kids will be thankful for bringing the coolest game-playing idea. Glow in Drak Egg Hunt is a totally indoor game that parents can make their kids engage with. 

To play this game, you will need to start by gathering materials of time that is plastic eggs and glow-in-the-dark rings. You can turn on the eggs when you are ready to play and then stick the rings inside the eggs. Then rings inside shut by hiding the eggs around your house.

26. Paper Bag Skits

Source : fantasticfunandlearning

Paper Bag Skits are one of the indoor games, mostly played in larger groups. Mom and dad can play this game with their kids to make them feel quite fun. They can also use this game strategy to make their kids engaged when they are stuffed with other activities. 

To play this game, divide the kids into groups by giving them a bag filled with props like a spoon, toy, sock, ball, ribbon, jewelry, plastic utensils, etc. Then, you can give your kids a time of 15 minutes to construct the props.

27. Freeze

Source : signupgenius

Freeze game can be played both indoors and outdoors. But indoors is mostly played because it gives space and a hiding place to play for kids with their parents. 

Play your kids' favorite tune and turn on the volume. Ask them to dance with the music until the music stops. When the music stops, they have to freeze in whatever position they are. If they move, they loose. You can also ask them to have challenging positions like animals, yoga postures, etc. to make the game more interesting.

28. Dots and Squares

Source : pinterest

Dots and Squares game is played by drawing a grid of dots on paper. By using lined paper or graph one can make it easy to draw. Then the kids can draw a line connecting two dots. The second kid also draws two connecting dots lines.

In the end, the last person gets to complete a certain shape like a square then he/she becomes the winner. This can be done repeatedly and most square claimers will be announced as winners.

29. Building Words

Source : momjunction

Building words is quite an interesting game for kids old enough to read and write.

To play this game, the first player writes a word on the paper whatever comes in his mind. The next players add letters to make a longer word. If someone is not able to do so, this can be challenging and what makes the game more interesting.

30. Hopscotch

Source : pinterest

Hopscotch is a traditional game where you need to create a hopscotch grid with chalk. Now get a stone and ask the kid to toss it on the square created by chalk.

Next, you need to jump over the square and complete the grid. While returning, the player need to pick up the chalk and repeat the same for second square.