200+ Cutest Bunny Names For Your Floppy-Eared Friend

By FamilywaveTeam | Jun 06, 2024

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Bunnies are smart and adorable, especially with their floppy and long ears. They can have a life span of 7-14 years like cats and dogs. 

If you are a new parent of a bunny and tired of searching for your bunny names, then you have come to the right place. Here, you find more than 200 popular bunny names that will stand out from the crowd.

Famous Bunny Names

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If you are a pet lover, especially a rabbit. We have listed the top 10 bunny names which can make your bunnies naming easier:

1. Thumper

The name is from Disney's 1942 movie titled Bambi. It refers to 'to walk with heavy steps'.

2. Oreo

The popular bunny name which is colored black and white can be named Oreo. The name has a meaning of 'Biscuit with a white cream'.

3. Bun

It is also regarded as Bunn Bunn which means 'Short and Fluppy cute animal'.

4. Daisy

As the baby rabbit looks like a Daisy which is a pretty white flower.

5. Bunny

Bunny also known as Bunnie refers to the 'Child of Rabbit'.

6. Coco

The cute bunny with black color can be named Coco or Co-Co which means 'Chocolate bean'.

7. Snowball

It is the classic name for a rabbit with a white color. The name also belongs to the white bunny in the movie 'The Secret Life of Pets.

8. Cinnabun

The name also written as Cinnabunn or Cinnamon which is for a punny and fun rabit name.

9. Bugs

It is a cartoon character of a fictional character in the late 1930s at Warner Bros.

10. Angel

The rabbit looks like a supernatural beauty so it can be named Angel which means 'Messenger of God'.

Boy Bunny Names

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The name of a bunny listed below will always suit them. The popular boy bunny names are:

11. Snoopy

Snoopy is a fabulous and brilliant name for rabbit which means 'Offensively Curious'

12. Mortimer

The French-origin name Mortimer is a male bunny name. It refers to the 'Dead Sea'.

13. Buster

A boy's name is of English origin and derived from the word bust grom burst means 'Tough guy'.

14. Benjamin

The baby rabbit's name Benjamin translates to 'Son of my right hand' which is of Hebrew origins.

15. Baxter

It is a Scottish and Anglo-Saxon name, initially from the English occupational surname. Baxter is the form of Bakster, and Baxstar means 'A baker'.

16. Freddie

The old German name has a meaning of 'Peaceful Ruler'.

17. Harvey

The boy's name is of French origin and came from England. It is a version of the French name Herve which means 'Battle worthy'.

18. E.B.

It is a masculine name of Hebrew origin that refers to the 'Father of Light'.

19. Chester

The name is of Latin origin which sounds cute and also has a meaning of 'Camp of Armed force'.

20. Oliver

The English name Oliver refers to 'Olive tree'.

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Girl Bunny Names

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The female rabbit is called a doe. If you have a baby girl rabbit at your home and you are so confused to name her then the below listed name will be helpful for you. Please scroll down for the names:

21. Lilly Belle

The name is of Latin origin and has a meaning of 'Beautiful Lilly'.

22. Fluffy

It means 'A fun-loving young girl' which is a suitable name for a small rabbit that is cute and funny.

23. Honey Bunny

The name Honey Bunny refers to ' Sweatheart' which is very unique name for your pet animals as well.

24. Miffy

It is a name of Dutch origin which means 'Little Rabbit'.

25. Dolly

Dolly means 'Gift of God' which is English English-originated name.

26. Flower

It is the best name for bunny which is nature's way of making us smile like the rabbits.

27. Beatrix Potter

It is a girl's name of Hungarian origin which translates to 'Traveller'.

28. Petunia

The female name is of an English and Scottish origin which is originated in the English language as 'after a Flower'.

29. Duchess

It means 'Leader' or 'Commander' which is of Latin origin and comes from the feminine form of the Latin dux.

30. Rosie

The girl's name is of Latin origin and is related to the Latin name Rosa. It is the short name for Rosemary and Roseline as well. Rosie refers to the 'Rose', which is a beautiful flower.

Bunny Pairs Names

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The listed name can be used for your pair of rabbits. Here we have written the names origin as well as its interesting meanings:

31. Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie is for a girl rabbit and Clyde is for a boy rabbit. Bonnie reflects to 'Pretty' and Clyde reflects to 'Warm' and 'Friendly'.

32. Gin & Tonic

The Japanese origin name Gin is a female name which means 'Silver. Likewise, Tonic is of American origin which means 'Handsome' and 'Strong'.

33. Kit & Kat

Kit is the boy's name from the Christian community that derives from Christopher 'Christian follower of Christ'. Similarly, Kat is of English origin and comes from the name Katherine. It refers to 'Pure'.

34. Romeo & Juliette

Romeo and Juliette comes from the famous ill-fated couple in literature. The both name is of Italian origin. Romeo means 'Pilgrim to Rome' and Juliette means ' Youthful'.

35. Roger & Jessica

The traditional female name Jessica means 'Wealthy' and the boy;'s name Roger means 'Famous Soldier'.

36. Sonny & Cher

The British origin name Sonny is a boy's name which refers to 'Son'. Similarly, Cher is of French origin which refers to 'Beloved'.

37. Tom & Jerry

The masculine name Tom is of Greek origin which means 'A Twin' and Jerry is also a boy's name that is of British origin. It is the meaning of 'Spear'.

38. Thelma & Louis

The girl's name Thelma is of Greek origin which reflects 'Volition'. The French origin name Louis refers to 'Popular Warrior'.

39. Bert & Ernie

Bert comes from the Germanic titles Albert, Robert, Engelber, and Norbert which means 'Bright'. Ernie is also of German origin which means 'Serious'. 

40. Abbott & Costello

Abbott is both a boy's and a girl's name which is of Hebrew origin meaning 'Father'. Costello is of Irish origin and refers to 'Similar'. Both names are also known as the surnames of Irish origin.

Unisex Bunny Names

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The following names are for both male and female bunnies. They have their own curious meaning.

41. Alfalfa

The rabbit baby's name Alfalfa is of Latin origin. It refers to 'A plant grown as food'.

42. Basil

The Greek origin name means 'Royal'. It is one of the popular unisex names for both genders of rabbit babies.

43. Binky

It is of English origin and has a meaning 'Graceful' or 'Intelligent'.

44. Biscuit

The bunny with numerous sizes can be named Biscuit like its shape. The Latin origin name bis coctus means 'Cooked Twice'.

45. Bun Bun

If you have named your bunny as Bun Bun which includes the meaning of responsible and stable.

46. Flash

The gender-neutral name is of American origin which refers to 'Bright Light'.

47. Lucky

The name itself has a meaning of success which is of American origin.

48. Mystery

The name Mystery is of English origin which can be used for all genders of bunnies. It means 'Unexplained'.

49. Pebbles

It is of American origin which means 'Small Rocks'.

50. Pinky

You can name your bunnies as Pinky. The name has a meaning of 'Most Beautiful' or 'Sweet'.

Funny Bunny Names

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The listed name provides you a list of funny girl and boy rabbit names. If you have got a girl or boy bunny at home, this will be more helpful for you:

51. Bobo

The meaning of name Bobo means 'Born on Tuesday'. It is an African origin and is also famous for a Dutch children's magazine.

52. Pirate

The name Pirate has a meaning of 'Attack' or 'To attempt' which is used for both a boy's and girl's name.

53. Bunnista

It is the name of the rabbit in the comics Minum Security which is the one-eyed cosmetic-testing victim.

54. Bunnie Rabbot

Bunnie Rabbot is the cartoon character of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series. It is a cyborg yellow rabbit with a thick Southern US accent.

55. Bun Rab

The name Bun Rab simply means the 'Famed Character'.

56. Carrot

The term plant is a root vegetable which is also regarded as the favorite foot of rabbits. So, it will be the option to name your bunny as Carrot.

57. Clotaire

The French origin name Clortaire means 'Glorious Strength'.

58. Clover

It is a British-origin girl's name which simply refers to 'Meadow Flower'.

59. Holle Pinkel

The name is famous for the comics related to the rabbit titled Holle Pinkel which was created by Andries Brandit in 1961.

60. Hops

The Vietnamese origin name Hops is a female name which refers to 'Agreeable'.

Rare Bunny Names

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The male and female bunny names included below are the unique names for them. We have also provided the meanings of their names as below:

61. Maggie

The Greek origin name was derived from the classic name Margaret. It refers to 'Pearl' or 'Charming'.

62. Peaches

It is the sweet name for bunnies as they look. The name is of French, British, and German origin which reflects 'Fruit'.

63. Sprinkles

The North German origin female name has a simple meaning of 'Beautiful'.

64. Binky

It is of English origin name which means 'Fields of Beans'.

65. Wiggles

The bunny name Wiggles means to be 'Well Natured', 'Loving' and 'Affectionate'.

66. Dasher

It is of German and Scottish origin name which is also famous in the Christmas story titled The Night Before Christmas. The name Dasher generally refers to 'Purse maker'.

67. Jitterbug

The baby rabbit always seems to be dancing. So the name Jitterbug with its meaning 'Swing Dancing' will suit them best.

68. Smoochie

The pet girl's name Smoochie means 'Compassion', 'Creativity', 'Reliability', and 'Loyalty'.

69. Freya

The girl's name Freya simply refers to 'God of Love' or 'Beauty'.

70. Ostara

The female name of English origin Ostara has a meaning of 'Spring' or 'Dawn'.

White Bunny Names

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Domestic animals bring joy and happiness into everyone's life which looks adorable. So, we are talking about the white and cute bunny names and their meanings below:

71. Cream Puff

The name titled Cream Puff generally refers to 'Offensive' or 'Slang'.

72. Frosty

Frosty derived from the name Frosteah, Frostea, Fostie, or Frosti refers to both girl and boy names which means 'Cool' or 'Crisp'.

73. Ivory

The gender-neutral name is of English origin which means 'Pure White'.

74. Snow White

The girl's name Snow White is famous for the picture of Disney. It means the name comes from the mother's wish to have a child with white skin.

75. Dove

The English origin name is for the both boy's name and the girl's name which refers to 'Peace'.

76. Vanilla

The name is of French origin which means 'Sweetness', 'Simplicity' or 'Purity'.

77. Sugar Cookie

The 19th-century name Sugar Cookie comes from Germany which means 'Successful' or 'Joyful'.

78. Pearl

It is of English origin name and is a feminine given name that was derived from the English word for the gemstone of the same name. It simply means 'Precious'.

79. Lacey

The English gender-neutral name originated from the Old French word Lacy or Lassy. It has a meaning of 'Cheerful'.

80. Elsa

The name is of Hebrew origin and is also derived from the German origin name Elisabeth. Likewise, the name is also a form of Alice which is of English, Czech, Italian, German, French, and Portuguese origin. Elsa means 'God's promise'

Black Bunny Names

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The people those who have black pet such as bunny or dog can pick the following names for them:

81. Shadow

The English-origin feminine name Shadow refers to 'Black' or 'Shade from the sun'.

82. Raven

The name is of Old English female name which means 'Dark Haired'. It is famous in the Southern states of the US among African-American families.

83. Caviar

It is of French word and form of Khaviyar which means 'Salted roe of sturgeon'.

84. Coal

The British origin name Coals refers to 'A rocky type material used a fuel' which is black in color.

85. Inkwell

The name is Inkwell simply means 'A container for holding ink'.

86. Taz

The word derived from Latin and Greek roots refers to 'God's gift'.

87. Coffee

You can name your bunny as coffee which is black in color.

88. Velvet

The name Velvet is of American origin which means 'Soft Fabric' available in different colors.

89. Eclipse

It is a unisex name that refers to 'To Darken'.

90. Chia

The name refers to 'Light' which is of Chinese origin.

Black and White Bunny Names

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The black and white bunny can be named as below. We are here to make your work easier by naming your pets:

91. Domino

A gender-neutral name is of French origin which means 'Master'.

92. Tuxedo

The name is Tuxedo has a meaning of 'A semiformal evening suit for men'.

93. Orca

The Latin origin name is Orca refers to the 'Kingdom of the Dead'.

94. Piano

Piano refers to 'A Keyboard Instruments that includes black and white keys'.

95. Dice

It is a male name which is of English origin and means 'A gift of the gab'.

96. Skunk

Skunk is a small white and black North American animal.

97. Puffin

It is a type of bird which is of black and white color.

98. Barcode

Barcode means 'A small image of lines with black and white color'.

99. Ying Yang

The name Ying Yang refers to 'Darkness' or 'Symbol of Earth'.

100. Spot

Spot simply means a 'Quick' or 'Cleaver Mind'.

Brown Bunny Names

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The people who have a brown-colored bunny at home can name them like Molasses, Suede, Pepsi, and others.

101. Cocoa

The name is similar to Coco which is of Spanish origin. It reflects 'Chocolate Bean'.

102. Grizzly

The name is Grizzly simply refers to 'Grey Haired'.

103. Amaretto

Amaretto is a brown-colored Italian-origin liqueur made from alcohol. The word Amaretto means 'Little love'.

104. Suede

The French-origin name Suede is a gender-neutral name that refers to 'Master'.

105. MaIple

The meaning of Malpe is 'Beauty', 'Strength', and 'Endurance'. It is also a type of tree which is used for making cloth.

106. Hazelnut

Hazelnut refers to a nut with a hard and brown shell that comes from the hazeltree.

107. Brownie

The name is the nickname of someone who has 'Brown Eyes'.

108. Snickers

Snickers is a brown chocolate bar that includes peanuts, nougat, and caramel with a chocolate coating.

109. Cappuccino

The type of beverage made up of milk and coffee is a form of Italian word.

110. Spice

The name Spice generally refers to 'Wild' or 'Energetic'.

Grey Bunny Names

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The bunny with the grey color can be named in different styles. Some of the name are listed below:

111. Smokey

The name is of American origin which is a boy name that refers to 'Soul of Fire'.

112. Stormy

The British origin name Stormy means 'Impetuous Nature'.

113. Graphite

It is a shiny black or grey substance that is used in pencils.

114. Twister

The name Twister has a meaning of 'A person who twists'.

115. Silver

The Latin word Silver means 'White' or 'Shining'.

116. Rocky

The English-origin baby boy's name a meaning of 'Stony'.

117. Thunder

The male name is of American origin which means 'Lou Noise In Sky'.

118. Platinum

The Spanish-originated name Platinum translates to 'As Precious as the Metal' and 'Silverish-white transition Metal'.

119. Earl Grey

It is a black tea flavored with bergamot oil and named after Charles Grey.

120. Misty

The British origin name Misty is a girl's name and refers to 'Haze' or 'Light Fog'.

People Names For Bunny

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There are some name that can be used for the per animals as well. You can choose the various option for your bunny names:

121. Sally

The Hebrew girl's name Sally means 'Princess'.

122. Zora

The name is of Arabic and African origin which refers to 'Light' or 'Dawn'.

123. Aesop

The word Aesop is from Greek. A boy's name of Christian Greek origin meaning 'Unclear'.

124. Bella

A feminine name is of Latin and Italian origins which means 'Beautiful.

125. Xavier

The Basque origin name Xavier means 'New House'.

126. Holly

Holly comes from the holly plant and refers to 'Eternal Life'.

127. Fiona

The female name is of Scottish origin which means 'White' or 'Fair'.

128. Lucy

Lucy is a feminine name of Latin origin that derived from the masculine name Lucius meaning 'Light'.

129. Fabio

The boy's name is of Italian origin which refers to 'Bean Farmer'.

130. Bubba

The American origin male name Bubba means 'Brother'.

Nature Inspired Bunny Names

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The natural world bunny names will always reflect the beautiful vibes when you call your beautiful bunny at home. For this, you choose the name from the below:

141. Weather

The pets especially rabbits can be named after your favorite weather including Snow, Storm, Misty, Raindrop, and Window according to the date you have adopted them.

142. Flowers

If you are a fan of flowers such as Daffodil, Rose, and Daisy, it will be the best option to name you bunny like them.

143. Plants

The plants names such as Ferm, Chive, Fern, and Clover are also listed as the best choices for naming your little pets.

144. Gems

Topaz, Opal, Pearl, and Diamond are listed as the names for the bunny according to the color of the pets you have.

145. Metals

Metals such as Gold, Silver, and Copper are the options to choose the name. For example, if you have a brown bunny then you can name him/her as Gold.

146. Trees

Every pet lover loves to be with their bunny for all the years they are alive. As the trees grow your little pets will grow like their names. So, you can name them Willow, Juniper, and Aspern.

147. Planets

Mars refers to the 'God of War, Jupiter refers to the 'Father of the Sky', and Venus refers to 'Love and Beauty'. All the Planets might be a great option for you.

148. Other Animals

You can also name your bunny as Chipmunk, Bear, and Moose.

149. Stars

The names of the stars such as Rigel, Antares, and Betelgeuse to your bunny will shine like the brightness of the Stars.

150. Times of Day

The bunny also can named Dawn, Twilight, or Midnight according to the time that you met them first.

Video Games Inspired Bunny Names

Source : gamespot

The below names are listed after becoming popular in the various video games. Scroll down for more names and their role in the games:

151. Amber

Amber is the 2015 video game Armerllo's hero of the rabbit clan and treasure-seeker. The game is a digital role-playing strategy board game developed by the Australian independent game studio League of Geeks.

152. Badd Bunny

It is a fictional character of the game The Radioactive Chicken Heads in Badd Bunny Breakout.

153. Bianca

Spyro: Year of the Dragon is the video game first released in 2000 which includes the magician rabbit named Bianca.

154. Bonnie the Bunny

It is a lavender-colored animatronic bunny in the 2014  video game series Five Nights at Freddy's.

155. Elyssia

The digital role-playing game Armello consists of the name Elyssia.

156. Nabbit

Nabiit is the fictional character of a video game such as New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi. U.

158. Panne

The 2012 tactical role-playing video game Fire Emblem Awakening includes the name Panne as Yarne's mother.

159. Redmond

The rabbit named Redmond in the 2003 platform video game Whiplash serves as Spanx's weapon and tool in the gameplay.

160. Ringo

Ringo is a mochi-making lunar rabbit in the 2015 scrolling shooter game Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom.

Movie and Television Inspired Bunny Names

Source : imdb

The names listed below are inspired by movies and television series. We have also discussed their meanings as well:

161. Oscar

It is the name famous the television series Oscar the Tabbit in Rubbidge where Oscar wears a red coat and yellow scarf. It means 'Champion Soldier'.

162. Alec Azam

Alec Azam means ' Greatest' is the famous character named Rabbit in the film Presto who is more interested in the carrot in the scene.

163. Bean Bunny

It is also a character name from the film The Tale of the Bunny Picnic where it looks pretty much overlooked by others and saves from the farmer's dog. Bean Bunny refers to 'A vegetarian Bunny Chow'.

164. Frank

Frank is the name from the film Donnie Darko where the rabbit is a 7-foot-tall in the movie. It is also of German origin which refers to 'Free'.

165. Mimzy

Mimzy means 'Playful' and is the lead character of the movie The Last Mimzy, an American science fiction adventure drama.

166. Trudy

The name Trudy comes from the film Local Hero which is a 1983 Scottish comedy-drama. The German origin name reflects 'Universal Srength'.

167. Sundry Bunnies

Sundry Bunnies is the name picked up from the movie Jean de Florette. It means 'Everyone'.

168. Assoud

Assoud is an aggressively anti-Semitic rabbit from the television series Tomorrow's Pioneers. The name reflects 'Prosperous, and 'Happy'.

169. Christine

It is a female gray rabbit who is Ojo's best friend from the show Bear in the Big Blue House. The Greek and Egyptian roots refer to the 'Follower of Christ'.

170. Cleo

Cleo is a new blue rabbit puppet with a southern accent from the television show Rainbow. The English-origin girl's name means 'Glory'.

Cartoon Inspired Bunny Names

Source : themoviedb

The cartoon inspired bunny names listed the popular name in the different animated television series:

171. Ace Bunny

It is the famous character of an American superhero animated television series Loonatics Unleashed.

172. Buster Baxter

It is a white rabbit who is a best friend of Arthur in the animated edutainment television series for children ages 4 to 8.

173. Babs Bunny

This is a bunny name that represents the crazy character in the American animated television series Tiny Toon Adventures.

174. Barry Buns

It is a character of an animated musical comedy television series produced by Disney Television. 

175. Bionic Bunny

Bionic Bunny is the name of the rabbit in the show Arthur.

176. Bugs Bunny

It is an animated cartoon character of Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies created in the late 1930s.

177. Halley

Halley is a fun-loving and caring pink rabbit in the American children's animated television series Astroblast! created by Bob Kolar.

178. Gary

The American animated television series The Loud House includes the character Gary who is a Luan Loud pet rabbit. It is premiered on Nickelodeon.

179. Luna

Luna is a pink and yellow Netherland Dwarf rabbit in the Japanese fantasy anime series Jewelpet.

180. Mimi

She is the Floppy's young sister in the anime television series Adventures of the Little Koala.

Food Inspired Bunny Names

Source : everybunnywelcome

The cute and cuddly rabbits are great pets. So, these great pets also need a great name. For this, you can check the list of names inspired by food:

181. Plum

The English-origin gender-neutral name Plum refers to 'A Fleshy' or 'Purple Fruit'.

182. Tangerine

It is of British roots and is imported from the fruit name Tangier which means 'A gift of the gab'.

183. Fig

The baby girl rabbit named Fig is a combination of two places California and Smyrna. It means 'Fig Bearing Trees'.

184. Okra

It is a plant of the mallow family which includes a long green seed eaten as a vegetable and also known as lady's fingers. It will be the best name for your pet.

185. Kale

The name Kale is derived from other names like Kayle, Kail, and Cale Kaleb which means ' Calm' or 'Fair'.

186. Parsnip

The old French word derived from the Latin noun Pastinaca refers to 'Carrot' in the 14th century.

187. Bean

It is a gender-neutral name of English origin which reflects 'Bean Farmer'.

188. Pumpkin

The name is of Greek root that means 'Large Melon'.

189. Coconut

The fruit's name is from the old Portuguese word coco which also refers to 'Head' or 'Skull'.

190. Apricot

It is a very unique type of fruit name and is of Latin origin word. 

Book Inspired Bunny Names

Source : amazon

Most of the bunnies often appear in literature. The names of books by Watership Down and Beatrix Potter might help you to name your bunny. You'll definitely love the names which are following below:

191. Benjamin Bunny

It is a rabbit's name in the book titled The Tale of Benjamin Bunny and The Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies written by Beatrix Potter.

192. Bigwig

Bigwig is the largest and bravest rabbit in the book Watership Down written by Richard Adams and published in 1972.

193. Cecily Parsley

The book Cecily Parsley's Nursery Rhymes includes the rabbit character which was written by Beatrix Potter.

194. Cottontail

It is the character of the famous book The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes.

195. Fiver

The bunny named Fiver is included in the adventure novel Watership Down.

196. Flopsy Bunnies

The name Flopsy Bunnies is from the children's books The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies and The Tale of Mr. Tod.

197. God

The book When God Was a Rabbit written by Sarah Winman includes a pet rabbit named God.

198. Hazel

The adventure novel Watership Down has a rabbit named Hazel who becomes the 'Chief Rabbit' of a group who flee from a disaster.

199. Hester

It is a popular name after including the name in the novel His Dark Materials.

200. Hops

Hops is the fictional character of the literature book Fifteen Rabbits. A rabbit is the main character of the novel.

More Unique Bunny Names

Source : everybunnywelcome

Here are some additional unique bunny names you may like. 

201. Archie

202. Bucky

203. Doc

204. Ollie

205. Couscous

206. Tomatillo

207. Acorn

208. Everest

209. Jax

210. Mixy

211. Tinsel

212. Yukimaru

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