20 Poodle Haircuts And Styles For Your Adorable Pup

By FamilywaveTeam | Jun 06, 2024

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Poodles are fun and energetic family dogs known for their curly fur. They don't have a double plush coat like other breeds but a single dense coat like human hair so they require regular grooming and clipping every 6-8 weeks for hygiene.

You can adopt different poodle hairstyle cuts to make them quite clean and fancy. You can also mix different elements and ornaments for a unique look. The ultimate list of 20 best poodle haircuts and styles is given below:

1. The Continental Cut

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The continental cut is the most famous poodle haircut. For this cut, there should be a balanced hair in tail with a topknot, front puff with back bracelets, balanced rosettes, etc. 

This cut involves shaving everywhere except the parts like the face, ears, shoulders, pawa, and tail. Such a haircut is a traditional one. Just enough hair is left for them so that they can walk properly. It is supposed to be one of the two acceptable haircuts for show dogs from the viewpoint of the American kennel club.

2. English Saddle Cut

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This type of cut is very similar to a continental cut but differentiated through shaving as this cut does not involve shaving. They are hand scissored. The cut leaves plenty of hair behind so that the dog can get warmth. 

The English saddle cut is supposed to be one of the most difficult haircuts to execute because it requires superior scissoring and clipping skills. They follow the instructions like keeping the calf the topknot too long can be altered and trimmed to shorter to create a better balance for the framing of the head. Additionally, you need to brush and comb the ear feathering downward along with trimming off the uneven ends with your shears if required.

3. Bikini Cut

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The Bikini cut is one of the famous cuts that have a middle-ground cut. It is a low-maintenance haircut with a hint of style. It is stylish and looks great with finished tail poms, lower legs, and fluffy head.

Talking about the features of this cut, it is the shortest cut out there and suitable for warmer climates, which is also known as the Miami cut. The hair is shaved on the poodle's tail, face, and feet and the remaining hair is trimmed down to maintain a uniform length of allover.

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4. Corded Poodle Cut

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Corded poodle cut was famous in the old days but had fallen out of style for decades but nowadays cut design started to come back in trend. 

To get the poodle with this style, you need to dreadlock your pet's hair which should be done precisely. It usually happens when cording begins at around seven to nine months of age, and adult coats begin to grow. After that, the adult coat will have hair and will fuse into bundles, if separated it becomes thicker and longer.

5. Lamb Cut

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Lamb cut is a modern cut that is mostly liked by individuals. This type of style can be found in poodle dog breeds and others too as it is considered a low-maintenance cut. 

The cut is a shorter style around the body but more fur is left on the legs. If you stay with pets in cold places then this is a recommended one as hair on the leg will keep their paws warm during winter months.

6. Sporting Cut

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The sporting cut is quite a pretty look. it is an unformal type look where hair is across the body, except for the tail which has pompoms. Generally, this type of cut is easy to manage at home, especially for companion and show dogs. 

It is mostly popular in the UK with a poodle clip on the face, throat, tail, feet, etc. It is also called a kennel cut as it contains the same features as a sporting cut but has some modifications with styles.

7. Town And Country Cut

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If you want your poodle to be something different, then town and country cut are the best choice. This kind of haircut is gaining more and more popularity. This cut is appropriate for all sizes and breeds of Poodles. However, it is most frequently seen on Standard and Miniature Poodles.

Talking about the style, the legs are trimmed to look like cylinders, and this is the defining characteristic of the breed regardless of the length of the coat. While the crown of the head and the ears should be rounded, the rest of the coat should have a natural appearance.

8. Summer Cut

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This is an excellent haircut for a poodle to have for the upcoming summer. You should trim the hair on the body to a length of approximately an inch and a half, but you should let the hair grow out on the ears and on the tail. 

This particular style of haircut entails shortening the length of the hair on the head and body while leaving some fur on the animal so that it can shield the skin from sunlight. Poodles having thick, curly coats benefit greatly from having a summer cut since it helps prevent mats from forming and keeps them more comfortable in the heat.

9. Adorably Fluffy

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To get the adorably fluffy hairstyle, you need to trim the poodle at an early stage and leave the area around the ears. The ear part is the considerable area as there you need to have enough curled hair so that you can have an adorably fluffy look on the poodle. 

To maintain the design, you need to brush and comb the hair on a regular basis. You can also use the trimmers, clippers, and scissors by yourself at home.

10. Afghan Poodle cut

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If you want to go with something popular hairstyle for a poodle with a classic silhouette then you can choose for an afghan poodle cut. To get such a cut, you need to hire an experienced groomer who can handle the intricate, eye-catching look.

This style has a face and feet that have been shaved, but the rest of the torso and legs have a long, flowing coat. The end effect is a one-of-a-kind and captivating appearance that will draw people's attention everywhere you go.

11. Snow White

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The snow white haircut is a well-known style for poodles that has been around for several decades. If you have access to a skilled groom, you will be able to take excellent care of your snow white poodle.

This traditional look is characterized by a clean-shaven face, feet, and tail, as well as a fluffy pompom perched at the tip of the tail. Choose a reputable and skilled groomer who is familiar with how to correctly execute this style if you are interested in giving your Poodle a Snow White haircut. This will ensure that the style is carried out in the correct manner.

12. Mohawk

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The Mohawk is no longer a haircut that is exclusive to humans. Due to the fact that poodles' coats are typically described as being curly and fluffy, these dogs are ideal candidates for the popular Mohawk haircut. The Poodle Mohawk haircut is a daring and attractive option that draws attention to the breed's distinctive characteristics.

The top of the head is shaved with this cut, but the rest of the coat is left longer and sculpted to create the traditional Mohawk appearance.

13. Pigtails

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Pigtails are most effective when worn by poodles with longer hair, but the style can be modified so that it also looks good on poodles with shorter hair by utilizing smaller pieces.

To achieve the look of bunches with this haircut, the hair on the top of the head is divided into two portions, then elastic bands are used to secure each section.

14. Push Toy Hairstyle

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The push toy hairstyle is just like the hairstyle of a teddy or cat. That is the reason the push toy hairstyle is also called teddy bear cut. This is done at a very early stage as they don't have grown enough hair, and the owner can apply creative hairstyle designs as per choice. 

The teddy bear cut or push toy hairstyle will have a cut in which the hair will be about 1-2 inches at all parts of the body, including the face. If you shave the face then it will appear like a show dog so you can avoid these shaves on push toy hairstyle designs.

15. Princess Haircut

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Princess haircut for poodle is just like how it sounds. This gives your poodle an appearance like that of a princess.

The simple creative haircut involves enough hair on the top of the head to create the impression of human style. You can also leave some hair on the tail top so that it can have something extra look. 

Additionally, to go with more creative, you can add accessories just like princess wear which will make them more beautiful with a classy look.

16. Poodle Haircut And Jewellery

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Putting fashionable hair accessories in a person's hair is one technique to elevate the appearance of a poodle haircut to the next level. There is a diverse selection available for you to pick from, including glittery charms and colorful hairpins. However, it is absolutely necessary to use only jewellery that is safe for pets in order to prevent your four-legged pal from coming to any injury or experiencing any discomfort. 

When choosing jewellery, it is essential to take into consideration the piece's dimensions, weight, and construction before making a purchase. Your poodle is guaranteed to look their absolute best if you give them the appropriate haircut and accessorize them with the appropriate jewellery.

17. Puppy Haircut

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A puppy cut is a cut that comes from the dog show world. It describes how to maintain and care for the poodle puppy's coat so that you can compete with your pup for a dog show. The puppy cut is essential for the first year as it helps to analyze what kind of coat she will end up with for the show ring. 

For a featured cut, that is, a single-length full-body haircut, a simple trim is required with two or one inch in length. A puppy cut is a good choice if your dog's fur tends to become matted between grooms.

18. Coloured Leopard

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A colored leopard is something with a crazy design. You can maintain your poodles at a low cost with these trends.

Talking about the features of this cut and design, you need to first trim and use several pet-safe colors like black, white, pink, blue, orange, and a neon nuance. Then you can apply those colours on a pet poodle's body or coat, which will give you the same picture as a leopard.

19. Pink Poodle

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People get creative when it comes to the poodle haircut design, color, and cuts. As the owner of the pet, you can decorate your pet according to your choice. 

Pink poodle design and style for poodles is in trend. You can use a particular pink hair dye color for dogs. These colors are not toxic and last for 20 washes. You can also use dye shampoo and do it by yourself. It does not require any highly qualified professional groomer.

20. Dress-up Poodle

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If your poodle does not have enough hair growth yet then you can go with a trendy dress-up style for dogs that you can apply to look fashionable. The thing you only need to consider is choosing dresses that are comfortable for poodles and trying to make them free from allergic dresses. 

For this, you are not required to ask for a professional groomer. You can have these stuff inside the house and creat own, can also play with them as they look like a doll to play with.

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